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Default Gigbabyte P-DS3 Owners - Memory Question

Quick question. For my Conroe build, I ordered the P-DS3 motherboard from Gigabyte, but I have heard of some major memory compatibility issues. From the people who currently own this board, what memory are you running [include bios version]. I ordered on October 2, so I'm probably looking at Bios revision 5.

Thanks again and PLEASE don't answer if you dont actually own this motherboard.

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my friend just got htis board and he is using patriot ddr2 800 mhz and everything is going fine for him, so far as i know

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Thanks, fade2black. Anyone else??
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BUMP - hate to do it, but I sorely need more options.
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im getting the DS3 so if its a crappy board then we can both go through the same aggravation
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One thing they didn't mention in this review is a serious problem that is affecting the entire Gigabyte P965 chipset series (S3, DS3, DS4, DQ6). These board have some serious problems with a lot of RAM on the market. Many DIMM's, especially PC6400 or faster, are not given enough power when the BIOS is at default settings (IE when you first put the thing together) and consiquently the PC will not boot.

So far this problem affects the entire Patriot DDR2 range, the entire G.Skill DDR2 with the exception of the LA series PC5400, OCZ Gold EL-PC5400 (not the GX stuff though) and even Corsair PC6400 C3, C4 and PC5400 C3, to name but a few. If you're looking at buying this, or any other Gigabyte P965 chipset board, do some checking around before purchasing your RAM or you could find yourself having one **** of a frustrating time with it. I made this mistake and found my OCZ Gold RAM was incompatible, the G.Skill NS RAM i replaced it with was incompatible (and the NS range of G.Skill is made specifically for Intel systems!) and i'm now having to wait for another RAM replacement, this time i'm going with Geil Ultra Low Latency PC6400 as it is currently the only RAM i have seen which has had no problems with Gigabyte P965 boards from day one.
google search "DS3 memory compatibility" perhaps?
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I'm using a DS3 with GEil DDR2 800 and have no problems.
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I am running OCZ PC-6400 Plat's - Rev 1's and they have worked fine, but I have heard of other people having problems with them and the DS3, so I couldn't say I recommend them.

I originally got the OCZ Golds, and they would not work with any BIOS version. So no go there.

People have had good success with the OCZ Rev 2's on the DS3.

Also, I haven't heard of people having any problems with GSkill + DS3.

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Default So TF DOES have helpful people?!?!

Thanks guys. Looking at Geil or OCZ ram. Help appreciated.

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