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Old 09-08-2005, 11:04 PM   #11 (permalink)
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get the 6600GT or some form of 6800. The 9800 was a decent card for its time, but is no match for today's technology.

Even better, get a 7800 model. You can probably pick one up for under $425 these days.

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no there isnt really a budget for me. so whats the best ati card right now? i have an GeForce FX5200 right now but i want a new one. i want something more trustworthy and wont crash a lot. is ati better for that or is nvidia?

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Originally posted by DoomUK
You do love your video card, don't you beedubaya?
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Newb Techie
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Currently, nVIDIA produces what most believe is the "best" video card for gaming purposes, the 7800GTX - KO (an overclocked and slightly different version of the 7800GTX). eVGA manufactures the best version of this card, which comes in several different colors and can ve found on

ATI's flagship gaming card is currently the x850XT Platinum. It outperforms any of the nVIDIA GeForce 6 series cards, including the 512 MB 6800. It falls well short of the 7800GTX however, in both performance and features.

Although I cannot tell you weather ATI is better than nVIDIA or vice-versa, I can say that nVIDIA's GeForce 6 and 7 series cards are much more reliable than the 5 series cards. After its FX5950 flop, (the ATI 9800 wes a MUCH better card), nVIDIA "got its act together" and began to turn out competitve products.

Both nVIDIA and ATI usually produce reliable products.

My advice: go with a GeForce 7-series card from eVGA. Thier products almost always are reliable, and deliver great performance.

By the way, do you have PCI express? Before you buy a new video card, make sure you do. I think the FX 5200 was an AGP 8x card.

Also, could you post your system specs?

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Originally posted by arandalle
My advice: go with a GeForce 7-series card from eVGA. Thier products almost always are reliable, and deliver great performance.
If he has a 5200, and is considering a 9800Pro, than he has AGP. a 7800GTX is out of the question. not only that, but since he's mentioning 6600GT's and 9800 Pro's he is looking at affordable midrange cards. Not expensive High-end cards. Will you quit automatically telling everyone to get 7800's? Not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to build a system like what’s in your sig. You've done this in antoher thread.

When people are looking for Honda civic's, you don't recomend geting a Saleen S7 do you?

People get mid-range hardware for good reason, and thats why the person that started this thread should buy a vanilla 6800. its around $190 has 12 pipelines, 5 vertex units, 256-bit VRAM, and is faster than the 6600GT across the board.
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get the 6800 and unlock the 4 pipelines and vertex shader, and it is will be faster then the 6600GT, for about 40 dollars more.

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