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Old 01-29-2007, 05:10 AM   #21 (permalink)
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well, apparently this guy doesnt want our help.

He hasnt agreed or listen to anything you guys have said...

Why wait to get a dx10 card? If you have the money? Instead you would rather buy an expensive DX9 card...

How long have you been in the computer biz?

Its always better to go with newer technology rather then spending close to the same amount on something older.

Bugs? What bugs? as far as i can tell microsoft will be making DX10 in a couple days. So dx10 hasnt even been released yet!

The only bugs on the g80 are on the drivers and drivers are so easy to update... i mean cmon, look at what everyone has been saying. And keep an open mind. Why buy such an expensive mobo and not go for the best GPU???

Mobo's arent as important.. RIght now the best mobo is the Gigabyte DS3

.... God i just realized, i got soo hyped up about your attitude towards others that i wrote such a long *** post...

Dam dude were only trying to help you out!! we have nothing against you man.

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Don't get X1950xtx !!! you can get 8800GTS for $359.99 after rebate

The 8800GTS has the ability to be twice as fast as X1950xtx in future games.

Just look at this benchmark of tomb raider Legend with "next generation content" option enabled


8800GTS beats X1950xtx in crossfire, and remember tomb raider Legend is not DX10 game. But this benchmark gives you an idea on how the 8800 series will perform in games that use new features.

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More than 2x as good, yet he wants something worse for a good amount of money. Lollerskates.
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Originally posted by ferarri
What I don't understand is that you said you don't see the need for a nVidia 8 series and probably never will, but you want to get an expensive ATI DX9 card and buy the R600 when it comes out. The R600 is basically, in a very broad sense, ATI's version of the G80. But wait, you just said that you would probably never see the need in getting a G80, which is a DX10 card just like the R600. Both are very fast, powerful cards so how can you see the need in buying one but not the other? That just doesn't seem like very good logic to me.
I said I would check out the new ATI cards, not buy them on the spot. I've enjoyed PCs for a long time, but I was always more of a console gamer. When I here about brand new things, I don't jump at them instantly. I tend to wait a bit, see how things are, and then make a decision. Now, my console tendencies are leaving, and I want to do more with a PC. Maybe I shouldn't even make a PC, as everything I had in mind will be a complete waste of time and money. Oh well, thanks for all the input.

But, let's say I do go with the 8000 series, won't it just be outdated sooner than later? I want something that will last a while, and that I wouldn't have to update for quite a while. I mean, I know the 8000 series can handle everything out there, but what about games after Crysis, what will they need? Probably a whole new line from NVIDIA.

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