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Default First Rig help

Well after some research, i have gotten a pretty good idea to what i want my build to consist of, im still having a little trouble with chooisng a motherboard thats right for me. I want to buy a motherboard that isnt priced to high, as overclocking isnt much of an incentive to me, but i want that option there. its my first build so i dont want to go crazy overclocking (for my first time) on a brand new rig. but i would be able to see myself overclocking in the future, just dont want it to influence my purchase to much to have to raise my budget
Some things i need help with, motherboard decision, ive been looking between an Asus nforce 650i or the p5b deluxe or the gigabyte DS3 boards, just unclear to which i should be gettin, i want to keep the motherboard price under 200.
also with a powersupply, i listed a powersupply that looked like it got good reviews around, but if anyone can suggest a cheaper alternative which isnt crap either, id be grateful.

Case Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail
PSU OCZ GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ATX12V 600W Power Supply - Retail
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6600 - Retail
Ram G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ - Retail
HD Seagate Barracuda ES ST3320620NS 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM
DVD drive SAMSUNG 18X DVD±R DVD Burner With 12X DVD-RAM Write, LightScribe Technology Black SATA Model SH-S183L - OEM
Total - $841.95
(this is w/o the motherboard)
and the PSU i chose is 130 dollars.

As for the video card, im pretty settled with an 8800 card, just depending on my budget ill either be going for the gts 640 or 320.

As for SLI, i dont see myself going SLI atm as i dont see any use for it, but i think i would like that option for the future.

[edit] ok i replaced the PSU with this one
HIPER HPU-4K580-MS ATX12V v2.2 580W Power Supply - Retail
my total is now $801.95 (again w/o motherboard and grpahcis card)
good choice?

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Default Re: First Rig help

That's not a bad build and your taking into account the Price cut on the E6600 to $220 in 3 days right?

Your case is a good one but quite expensive. The 8800GTS isn't as big as the 8800GTX which will already fit fine in a good mid-tower. I suggest a cheaper case unless you really want that one.

How about the Gigabyte Aurora? It's a full tower but 15 bucks cheaper. You need to cut costs wherever you can I think.

The Gamestream is an alright PSU but I like this one is much cheaper and will handle that build. - XCLIO GOODPOWER 500W ATX12V 500W Power Supply 115/230 V UL, CUL, TUV, CB, VDE, FIMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO - Retail

Or this one is good too. This will handle SLI 8800GTS - HIPER HPU-4K580-MS ATX12V v2.2 580W Power Supply 100 - 120V - Retail

I would upgrade your RAM top the G.skill NR Green series at least instead if not the HK's.

As for the motherboard get an MSI P6N 650i as it will give you an option of SLI or a P6N 650i Deluxe.

E6300 w/ Arctic Freezer Pro 7 @ 3.6ghz 1.4Vcore
Antec 900 Case
EVGA 750i FTW Mobo
4x1GB of G.skill DDR2-800
2 8800GT in SLI
22" Samsung Syncmaster
1 250GB WD and 1 Seagate 7200.10 in RAID 0
Corsair 520HX 3DMark06 Score: 13900
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Default Re: First Rig help

yes oh boy have ive been looking for that price cut, im also hopefuly with the release of the new 8600 cards, thatll in effect the price on the 8800 cards. i wanted to take in account of the price of the CPU before the cut so when it comes i can feel relieved with the price coming down on my rig and the saved money can going towards shipping expenses whcih i havent factored in.
the Hiper PSU i actually have updated my original post with that one, and it does look nice.
for the ram, i know G skills seem to be popular, but i didnt know what were the differences that the color makes? (obviously going to different series or something) but what is the "NR" green or HKs
thanks for the quick reply to appreciate it
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Default Re: First Rig help

ok i think i devised a list for my PC

i decided to go with the ASUS over the MSI based on some good reviews i found on the asus. I also will probably want this build to be less of a hassle to upgrade in the future, i might go quad if the performance increases later on and prices drop.
the video card will probably change after some long thinking over on my budget and when the CPU price goes down. Now i think i just need to find areas to cut the price down, as for the case, i know its probably a bit more than i need, but i just have a special liking to that case for some reason. the gigabyte aurora doesnt really excite me (i guess this is mostly asthetics) but if its going to be in my room, i figured id choose something pleasing to me, and hey at least it got plenty of room for any expansion i might need!
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Default Re: First Rig help

good build apart from personally I don't like the psu I love the antec true power trio which has tons of room for upgrading for the next 5 years but I'am a fan boy of antec lol. The motherboard is good but have you looked at the Abit AW9D-max this is the board I would choose for another C2D build. If your going to over clock which is quite safe to do now especially with a case like yours with good cooling then maybe you would want the Hz g-skills ram and a third party cpu fan and some artic silver 5 paste all these extra components will cost $100 max on your original build and it will give you a large performance boost
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Default Re: First Rig help

Hey thanks, for now, im not thinking about overclocking, as it will be my first build, and i never overclocked before, i want the option open to me however once i get use to the rig. about the PSU, i think im still looking for other ones anyway so ill see how that turns out,

a questions on th HIPER psu that i chose tho if anyone knows, i was looking at the pics on newegg and the on the PSU under the power socket input it sais "195-240 VAC" unfortunetly near my computer (or my house for that matter) there is no 240 volt power outlet, i only have 120v ac coming from my outlets, so i was wondering if i will have to change PSU that will take 120v? cause well theres no point in gettin a PSU that i cant use either.
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Default Re: First Rig help

When I got mine, it said 115 VAC.



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