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Old 11-27-2006, 05:13 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Dude, enough with the self-fellatio.

A piece of hardware may not be good because of it's brand, but it certainly can be bad. Think about it and tell me if you can't think of a brand that makes bad products, compared to other brands. And I'm perfectly fine with what Ste is saying, so lets drop it.

As for your comment about computers only being so in-depth, obviously a comment coming from someone who doesn't know computers in-depth at all. Do you think CPUs are all about how fast they run, and videocards about how many FPS you get in a game? What you know is the absolute tip of the iceberg. People like you try to argue your points but have no idea of the underlying workings of the parts you're talking about. You can argue Intel vs. AMD but do you know about how the processors work? Do you know what a pipeline is? Do you know what a stage is (in CPU terms)? Do you know what Prefetching and Cacheing is? Do you know how architectures are different? Do you know what kinds of subsystems are in the processors? Do you know how decoding works? Do you know how this "out-of-order execution" that people are making a fuss about works? Do you know what a 4-issue core is?

All things that determine how a processor performs. A bit more than just the clockspeeds, innit?

I don't pretend to know nearly as much as the [H] folks, but you haven't exactly demonstrated an above-average knowledge of these parts either.

And you can surf [H]ardForums all you want. Most of the topics are general things about what processors to get, what parts to get, etc. But occasionally a topic comes along that requires a higher level of thinking, and that's when you notice how much these guys know. Check out the PPU subforum, there's some decent discussions there quite often. Then you'll see just how complicated computer parts can be.

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I spent 3 years in networking as well as computer designs and engineering thank you very much, and yes I know what a pipeline is, as well as a stage in cpu terms and the fact that AMD athlons had about 12 or so while intel p 4s had about 28 or so *dont know the exact number* I also know what cacheing and prefetching is, the architectures I do not know about due to the fact I am now a biology and Chemistry major. Decoding is simple enough and worthless information unless you are a processor or going into programming. No, no idea what a 4 issue core is.

So, do not call me an idiot for not being an utter CPU geek and knowing a ton of facts that alter the speed of the processor very little.

Thank you very much.


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When did JoshSB say he had advanced computer knowledge? And again, IÂ’m glad that you know JoshSBÂ’s computer knowledge after reading 2 posts from him. Though I do disagree with JoshSB statement saying,

“Oh, and computers are only so in depth, no offense but there is a limit to how much more you can know vs another person there Tri.”

But I would never say that I new his knowledge of computers. And whats with all the CPU questions? Who the h3II is talking about CPUs and graphics cards?

Edit: ****, you posted before me Josh
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Old 11-27-2006, 05:47 PM   #24 (permalink)
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I was only trying to prove that computers are more than "only so complicated." And one can easily know quite a large amount over others. Look at Keyser; the guy has no idea about hardware. Who doesn't know more than him?

And your coolness factor isn't really affected much by calling people "major CPU geeks" on a Computer Technology Forum. Somewhat of a backfiring thing, actually.

Originally posted by JoshSB
So, umm, why is [H]ardforum so much better?
Let me put it this way; I learn from [H]ardForums, and I teach on this one. The forums are on two different levels, and I'm stuck somewhere in between. Its fun to get involved in some of [H]'s discussions though.

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