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Default first comp build..ideas/help

so far ive just gotten together all the stuff that i "think" is good

so here it is







DVD burner:

dvd drive:

those are all the things iam planning on buying.

if there is something missing/ or something you not recomend me get let me know : p

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dude u do not need that motherboard. get like a DFI Lanparty UT ULtra-D or MSi K8n neo4-f. its a Xfire board, ur getting nvidia, and u DONT NEED XFire or SLI! its garbage. and u save a lot of money. with that money get a WEstern Digital Raptor 36GB for system and games. dont buy a Case that comes with a PSU because your putting your hardware in jeopardy. Get a regular antec or something at newegg, wouldnt suggest tigerdirect over newegg, and an Antec SmartPower or Antec TruePower PSU, buy a psu thats at least 500W, and ur set.

OH ! and before i forget, DO NOT buy a 4200+ or a 4600+, get an Opteron 165 or Opteron 170 or X2 3800+, but the Opteron's are WAYYY better.

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Do you really need a DVD burner and a DVD-ROM drive?
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Good memory. Get another case and get yourself a decent power supply; don't go cheap on the psu. NewEgg has been having some terrific sales lately in both areas.

Like john3 said, go with an Opteran (great for overclocking) OR that X2 3800+ is a very nice chip; plus you can save some serious cash. I would add the EPoX 9NPA+Ultra into the mix of very fine motherboards as well. The cost to benefits ratio with SLi and Crossfire isn't that great. Performance wise it isn't that much of an increase while costing you more in cash for both the board and another graphics card.

The harddrive will do you fine.
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I love that case, I wish they shipped them to where I live.
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well the only reason iam gettin from tigetdirect is because the store is like 20 min away from where i live.

and why iam getting dvd burner and dvd drive is so i can just slide in the dvd and burn directly from dvd to dvd rw

iam kinda confused..if the mobo doesnt support x2 would it still work?!?!

tnx for the info on cpu and psu
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It will support an X2, but if it isn't on one of the later BIOS' than it will only recognise one core, so will need a BIOS flash.

Don't waste your money on a crossfire board, even if you did go for an ATI card, I will still say go with a Nvidia Nforce chipset, because it is so much better.

I don't agree with the raptor that was mentioned, they are a waste of money right now. How ever, stick with the X2 3800 or 4400 or go with the Opteron 165 and when you want to, overclock it loads.

Also remember that Intel's Conroe is coming out in early July.

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Why a ATA hard drive? Go with a SATA II, 16MB cache... great performance.
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s
$129.99 + $4.99 Three Day Shipping

If you're going with a single graphics card, go with the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D
$123.99 + $6.67 Three Day Shipping
(There was one of these for sale in the B/S/T forum. $100, includes a Zalman 7000cu HS/F as well as shipping)

If you want the best performance, go with a CPU that has 2 x 1MB cache... 4400+, 4800+, Opty 165/170/175/180.

XFX is hit-or-miss. Either it will come screaming out of the box, or it will be a dud. eVGA is known around here as being the most solid, as well as for performance.

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Also, why the XFX 7900 Extreme? I heard it has a lot of problems with its board architechture [something with the capacator falling off the board...]

Oh and get a nice Tt Tsunami or what I am getting - XaserV Damier 6000a [both are good, damier is bigger and a bit more fancy but some refer to it as over-toyed so it depends on you'r taste], either way the Tt's are always GOOD quality...lots better than a x-navigator case..
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i read somewhere that some of the evga video cards they just oc'ed without testing and alot of people are having problems

same with alot of other nvida iam not really sure which one to get

and also for the vid card i want it to play oblivian and ET:quake wars on max settings or close to max.

and for the conroe anyone have info/links about it, i have no idea wut it is/ how good its supposed to be

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