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Default To finalize my rig, and accept recomendations.

OK, the following, all from newegg, is my potential new PC. My budget is 35 dollars exactly over what I am set up to pay, although that does not take shipping/handling into consideration. So, budget reached.

I went for cheap stuff, that I will admit. thanks for reading all of this, and giving me your help, now and in the past.

combo drive, 25 bucks
floppy, 7 bucks. might not ever use it, but 'till I get a thumb drive, couldn't hurt

Case, I wanted black (because as we all know black cases are always faster than other colors) and I wanted not to pay too much. on this case, it says "2x 120mm option Fan (front & Back)" and a side air duct, So does it come with two 120mm fans, or holes for them, or what? whatever the answer is, is that adequate cooling?

My mobo. I wanted a cheap 2 PCi-E slotted SLI mobo. so I got that.
onboard audio is good too, or so I hope.

I was going to go with an AMD 64 3200, but I heard Opteron is the way to go. I hear d its much better for OC'ing that others, and faster, etc. is that true? and will OC'ing it (to the point that it surpasses a 3200) going ot be safe and easy?
maxtor Hard drive, 80 gigs, for only 55 bucks. cheap, but has positive reviews mostly. 7200 rps, the norm, it's ok for me.
550 watt PSU, certified/supports SLI. not too pricey, but not dirt cheap either.

I am salvaging 1gig pc2700 ram from another (this) computer. I know that my mobo supports much faster ram, but this is what I have, so I'm using it. Will be upgraded in the future. Older ram does work flawlessly in new mobos, right?

my mobo also supports dual-channel ram, will adding 1g new pc3200 ram make use of that dual-channel ability, or will the difference between the two sticks eliminate that possibility? Also, if I add a new and fast stick of ram, will it remain fast or will it downclock itself to match my slower pc2700 stick?

My graphics card is to come; when money comes I will get probably a geforce 7600Gt, if the money streams in then maybe a 7900GT, but it probably wont stream in. until then, I am using an old PCI card, the geforce fx5500 256mb PCI.

speakers also salvaged, as is a moniter, and old CRT. speaking of old CRT's, what max resolution do they usually have?

THank you a ton and sorry for the crazy amount of questions.

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9 times out of 10 dual channel requires identical sticks of ram so that will rule out the possibility of dual channel between PC2700 and PC3200 sticks. there is no way to tell of what the max res of that monitor is. if it is a 15" most likely 1024x768. i wouldn't reccomend the opteron unless you are pretty sure you will be overclocking. in general terms opteron's only have the advantage when used by enthusiasts and overclockers or in servers. other than that you are probably paying more for something you won't take advantage of.

in future could you please type the model of everything you link to because this pc can't get to newegg and in some cases (people posting from work/school) others won't be able to reach newegg either. i don't know what model opteron you are looking at but i'm going to guess the 144. if it is the 144 it should perform fairly close to the 3200+ at stock speeds in some applications but for general performance to equal or exceed the 3200+ it will have to be overclocked by 200mhz which shouldn't be hard.

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Ok, sorry. yes its the 144, and is ten dollars more than the athlon 3200, so it seems you are saying I should get the opteron?
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if you plan on ocing, yes go for opteron. (i'd go with it anyways..)
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Yup, go with the Opty.

The opty is generally made out of better quality sillicon, therefore they're more stable and better for gaming ( 1 Mb L2 Cache ) and wonderful for OCing.

OCing opty is quite easy. U could OC it by at least 200Mhz -400Mhz with stock voltage.

Yes. opty.
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seems pretty good build. does rosewill make good PSUs?
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This is the link to the opteron 144; my link above goes to the mobo.

Is there a good guide online on how to safely OC an opteron?

Also, on the quesetion of dual channel RAM. Could I have two 512 MB sticks run in dual channel and have one 1 gig stick not? or does it have to be all dual channel or none?

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