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Default eVGA 7900GT

Ok, for my build, I'm wondering what kind of 7900GT I should get from eVGA.

There's the vanilla 7900GT, then the 7900GT CO. I'm not keen on getting the 7900GT CO SUPERCLOCK since it will be pushing my price range. The main different between the two 7900GTs is their core and memory speed.

The vanilla 7900GT has a 450MHz core, and 1320MHz memory. The 7900GT CO has a 500MHz core, and a 1500MHz memory.

What I want to know is, if I got the vanilla 7900GT, could I overclock it to speeds of the CO? Or would it be better to get the 7900GT CO?

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They are both the same. The CO version is changed in the BIOS and has a warranty to cover those speeds.

So the plain will go the same speed as the CO.

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Yea ... and anyway, with these newer video cards, they all OC pretty dam well, so if theres a large price difference in the normal, OC'd and super OC'd, most of the time the normal will OC to around the same speeds as the super OC'd and save you ~$50.
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just go with the CO, lol, why risk ( if any ) OC'ing and wrecking and amazing card.
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Oh ok then, thanks for the info.
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So the plain will go the same speed as the CO.
not necessarily. Generally they test how far these cards will go. If it can't hit the CO speeds, they knock it down and call it a vanilla. They do the same thing with CPUs. However, if there is a huge demand for the vanilla cards, they'll take a card that's perfectly capable of CO speeds maybe even higher, clock it down and call it a vanilla, in which case, THEN you'd be able to get the higher clock speed.

Regardless though, evga has a good warrenty, sooooo even if you trash the card, you can get it replaced although that's not a very good way to go about it

The CO one could be using slightly better components and hit like 600/1600 for all you know, whereas the vanilla may max out at CO speeds, IF that. Ya never know, overclocking isn't an exact science. For all I know that vanilla could do 900/2000 on air! (not really), but you get what I'm saying
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Just another quick question, what's the ATi equivalent to a 7900GT?
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