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Default DVD-Ram mass erasure (jukebox?)

I work for a gov't agency that employees the use of in-car video cameras that record audio/video upon DVD-Rams. We mostly use double-sided DVD-Rams that contain 4.7 GB of storage per side (we must manually flip these over within the car's recorder to recorder to record on the second side).

A write-protect software program automatically protects the recorded data upon those DVD-Rams from being erased/altered. To erase and reuse a DVD-Ram that has already been recorded upon, we must use a different software program that we have installed on a desktop PC to disable the write-protect setting (upon disabling the write-protect, this software then automatically ejects the DVD-Ram whereby we then reinsert the DVD-Ram into the computer). We can then erase the recorded data upon a single side of that DVD-Ram. Then, for double-sided disks, we flip them over and repeat the process.

Is there any way to erase multiple DVD-Ram disks at a single time rather than going through the above process for each individual disk? I was thinking along the lines of a DVD-Ram "jukebox" that would allow several DVD-Rams to be placed within it for erasure and that would ideally allow the write-protect disabling software command to be made just once for all the inserted DVD-Rams rather than having to disable each one separately.

Or perhaps some of you have some other ideas? We have looked at replacing the DVD-Ram video cameras with hard-drive cameras transmitting data to a multi-terabyte server but found such a system to be, at present, cost-prohibitive.

Thanks for any advice you might be able to provide.


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Default Re: DVD-Ram mass erasure (jukebox?)

by dvd-ram do u mean dvd-r they are 2 diff things.

also i have seen of machine that hold about anywhere from 20-100 discs and burn/erase the same on every disc inserted. im not sure where u would go about buying one but i do no they exist. they kinda look like a big server with cd drives set in rows. try google for research and find retailers etc..

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Default Re: DVD-Ram mass erasure (jukebox?)

Thanks for the suggestion, baron5. Yeah, we use DVD-Rams (DVD-Ram disk enclosed by protective plastic casing) like the Maxell 9.4 GB double-sided disks (reorder # 636045).

I have found some DVD-Ram Jukeboxes online - - - such as those found at Don't put a dime into these jukeboxes or at JVC : MC-7000 Series DVD-RAM Jukebox Specifications. I just don't know if they will do what I want them to do with regards to my first post on this topic.

Also considered the possibility of hooking up several external DVD-Ram drives to a single computer or to a central hub and then to a computer - kind of like making our own "jukebox" but with a bunch of external drives. (We currently use the Fantom Drives external DVD-Ram drives - model # FDRAMUMP - and have a single Fantom DVD-Ram drive hooked up to a desktop). Not sure if it is possible to have external drives hooked up in this manner and have a single software command affect all drives simultaneously or if we would still have to select each drive separately to issue the commands (the latter would not really simplify our situation).
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Default Re: DVD-Ram mass erasure (jukebox?)

I don't have any advice for a jukebox.

If your looking for a replacement system, Check out school bus/police car MDVRs (mobile digital video recorder)

The RouteRecorder® 2C uses a removable 2.5" mobile rated hard drive (laptop hard drive)
School Bus Surveillance Camera Systems - Safety Vision
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