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Default Dell Pc's ?

I have just bought a dell pc and a friend told me that she had been told they are rubbish.

She was told 3 of dells pcs broke down at the workplace and the boss,s pc at home also broke down. When they tried to get them fixed they were told a certain part blew and they can't get hold of a replacement so the pc was useless.

I just can't believe it!
Is there any truth in this?

Thanks, Artyman

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Dell PC's arent rubbish (ok well maybe) but its the Price tag that dell puts on them is what makes them absolutley hated.

Plus all there parts they use are proprietary wich isnt the greatest either...

In other words they Rip people off


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They use cheapo parts for mobos, PSUs, and all the other parts that don't normally show in a PC's specifications.

I'd say this pretty much drives the point home:
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Heh, just about to post that. I still laugh every time I see that...

Anyways, to answer your question, yes, Dells are rubbish. They use cheap proprietary parts, can be incredibly hard to open and fix, and are overall terrible computers (except for the higher end ones, which are terribly, terribly overpriced.)

I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than buy a Dell PC.

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ya you can build an eqaul to a Dell "XPS" for like 1200 dollars instead of paying like 4 grand.

Just get out there and build your own PC, It isnt as hard as some people make it seem.

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I work with Dells all day (corporate laptop technician) and the problem with Dell isint their propritary parts, its their lack of QC, horrible product design, and willingness to cut costs..

Any time I run a diagnostics on a laptop, usually there is a hard drive problen, what hard drive is in it? A fujitsu or Hitachi, sometimes a WD. Ram is from random companies, whoever will give them the lowest bulk price, Ive never heard of any of the ones Ive seen execpt for Infinion. My personal favorite, is that the processors have no thermal paste between them and hte heatsink/fan combo. Your lucky is they have thermal tape. The design flaws are enormous, from how the chassis are made, to the mounting of the display, etc. They wonder why they break so much. Instead of being designed with a mindet of whatws teh best way to make this soit wont break, and if it doesnwhats the most efficient way to fix it, its how can we make this as cheap as possible. The customer support is widely known for being sub par. We also have all seen the ammount of quality control (QC) that they lack. Here are a few links that might help to go along with the one that zdude posted:
(click listen on the second one)

Maybe their Desktops are constucted a bit better, but overall, I wouldnt get them. The only time I reccommended one was for my sister, becuase she needed somethign cheap, (shoudl have went to ibuypower, but I didnt think about it) and I knew that she was going to take very good care of it so it woulld have a better chance of staying together for a while. Also , I can fix them if she needs it.
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Sad.... but true.

Dell's are not necessarily compete rubbish. Consider the Toyota Tercel. It is a good basic car. It can't really be suped-up too much. That in itself is no biggie for the majority of people who want to do word processing, surf the net or run an accounting program. What does become a problem is when that Tercel costs $100,000.

Dell's are okay (I used one for almost 2 years), but don't expect to upgrade too much and forget overclocking any of the hardware.

Can it be returned? Building one on your own is not too difficult.
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put frankly, shortly, and to the point, DELL SUCKS! (well maybe their monitors are ok, but other companies like samsung and viewsonic make it for them, so just buy it directly from samsung or viewsonic.
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^ true, for the customer that does nothing more than check email, shop online, type up stuff in word, oogle over pictures of the kids adn couzins, and maybe do expense stuff (turbo tax excel whatever)

but for anyone who does more than that, NO WAY!
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I repair computers too and I think I see more Dells than any other brand come back for repair. This is due in aprt to their enormous market share but also because of poor quality. Always seems to be the hard drive about 85% of the time, if not that then the (proprietary) mobo or (equally proprietary) psu.

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