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Default decisions decisions... gar

Lots of you have done lots of searching around for me, and it is all much appreciated, and I need to give rep to others before I rep most of you again haha.

I have been so caught up in my AMD adventures that I have neglected Intel. Have i mentioned I'm a big AMD guy? And so I have deduced that these are my 3 general choices:

1. Top of the line AMD platform that should be upgradeable for the coming years (crosshair III, ddr3 ram, phen II) but costs more than choice #2 (considering i get the x4 965, if i go x3 720 price would probably be closer)

2. Intel i5/maximus III platform that is cheaper and performs better than top of the line Phen II am3 setup, but not upgradeable as the i5 socket is on its way out.

3. Intel i7 920 setup that is vastly superior to the i5 or phen II setups as it supports tri-channel ram, and upgradeability in the coming years, but will cost me an arm and a leg. Although on the price idea... I would probably be able to afford this setup by mid-late summer and Intel may have the 6core CPU out by then which may drop the i7 920 prices a bit.

If I go with options 1 or 2, I will be able to buy in May. option 3 would probably be purchased in aug-oct which is forever away. As I stated in another post, my intent of this build is to build a great rig with awesome OC abilities. More or less, I want to build/OC for the same reason that dude climbed Mt. Everest. because its there. I have no special direction I'm going in, (gaming/folding/rendering/etc) other than overclocking for no reason at all. WHAT DO I DO!?

Also, what chipsets should i look for in the i7 and i5 platforms? I know absolutely nothing about intel setups. I've seen people mention the evga classified and the ASUS p6t deluxe v2 for i7, and i don't know recall any i5 setups other than the maximus III. Would somebody be able to give me a couple of good mobo choices for each the i5 and i7 platforms? (and i5 cpu choices if i should)
Overclocking is definitely an integral part of the mobo choice here. I will be using an aircooled setup, but probably one of the best aircooled setups around. (push/pull TRUE copper, HAF932 with 230mm and 120mm top exhast, rear 140mm exhaust, bottom 120 intake, front/side 230mm intake(might switch side intake to 4x120mm), fan attatched to HDD rack to facilitate flow, and small spot fans on the mobo.)

i think my goal is to get the highest aircooled OC/benchmarks on whatever system i get.

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Default Re: decisions decisions... gar

I thought the i7 920 is supposed to be cancelled sometime soon? So it might be best to just go grab a cpu now save up for the rest later?

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Default Re: decisions decisions... gar

Well if you are not buying until May then discussion over. No sense in thinking about it now. Everything will change by may. Just follow what is coming out and prices / reviews and we will talk in April.
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