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Default Cowon iAudio or Toshiba Gigabeat?

Hmm, well this isn't about computers but I wasn't sure where else to post this..
I am looking for a cheap MP3 player, but trying to get the most I can.
For 200$, I can get a 40Gig Toshiba Gigabeat. This is said to be a very good MP3 player, but just lacks in software.
On the other hand there is the Cowon iAudio 20Gig X5L. This extra-feature packed beast plays videos, mp3s, photos, audio recordings, fm, and up to 35hr battery life. But, it is 70$ more.

I can't decide what to do - the Gigabeat would be a great MP3/photo player and has double the amount of space as the iAudio, but the iAudio has more features and a huge battery life.
What would you choose?

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30 GB iPod Video - $270.

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Almost everybody I know have one, and it lacks in Recording/FM and my last iPod (iPod mini) had bad battery life. I'm venturing my way out of iPods..
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I have the iAudio x5 60GB version and I love it. When I bought the original (x5 20gb) it was great and I had only one problem... I have a crapload of music! I originally only had like 5GB of music and I just kept adding and adding... and now I'm at 14.5GB of music alone today. So, I knew I'd be needing more space considering I still add more music AND I use it like a thumb drive for transfering programs and such with friends and other people who might need helping cleaning up their computer (yay spybot and adaware).

So, I found myself in a bind. I could get the x5L 30gb, or the x5 60gb. Obviously I went with the 60gb because I knew I'd continue to add music; plus, now I have extra space to store more pics, programs, files, ect... and I constantly charge it when not being used in my car for music so the 15hrs is plenty (plus I own the car charger but hardly ever use it unless I am on the road for an extended period of time).

In your case, I'd get the x5L 30gb. It has 10gb less than the Gigabeat, the 35hrs continuous play, and a lot more features. I don't think you'll miss 10gb that much... plus 30gb is A LOT of music. I mean, I have about 15GB and that consists of 91 artists, 301 albums, and 3,390 songs... that's like 180+ hours of music with half the space the 30gb version will give you and 35hrs to start listening to all of it

$289.99 for the iAudio x5L 30GB

Your 40GB Gigabeat is $259.99 at NewEgg... so what's $30 for 10gb less space (that you probably won't use), WAY longer playback, and excellent features?
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I have the 30gb x5L, do not expect to play movies on it... it can, but the screen is not good. However, its worth it just for its music, I think it sounds better than my friends Ipod Video.
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i got a coby it was $50 and it works fine. I really wouldnt buy those real expensive ones, unless u absolutly want it.

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