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Default Couple Question's For you SLI Gurus out there!

I just recently installed my Sli mother board and 2 7800 gtx cards. Let me tell you this thing is awsome! I had a couple question i didnt know if you could awnser.. Inside the advance option's were u can view the cards tempeture How come Card 1 Always seems to run 10* hotter then card 2? Also when playing a game do i always have to go in and select the correct profile and click apply for the sli to work properly or if the game is in the list i dont have to actuelly select each profile when i switch to diffrent games? THANKS!

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Tell you the truth, im not entirely sure, but i think that both cards are not worked at the same pace, one is a little more dominant than the other. Anybody, feel free to correct me if im wrong

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Would it make sense that the top one is being exposed to the bottom of card 2? Card two then has nothing on it's other side, so the fan is working correctly without obstruction.
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Thats possible, but also remember, not all cards run at a set default temperature. One card never runs at the same temperature as another card. So one of your SLI videocards might just inherently hotter than the other. Thats what I think.
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Would it be possible that becouse my monitor is hooked into Card 1 that it just runs hotter? I mean after playing bf2 hardcore for a few hours and i check the temps and see that card one is at 62* and card 2 is only at 51* it makes me wonder if the sli is even working? I shut sli off and tryed the game i didnt even notice a graphics diffrence/ slow down. So thats why i was wondering if card one was getting hotter becouse card 2 isnt even doing anything! Even though when i turn on the SLi scaling thing it show's the line through the middle of my screen and the 2 bars on the left side are scaling up and down but not alot at all.. Is there any way to check for sure that sli is actuelly doing its thing? And one mopre question! Do i have to select the profile of the game im about to play or can i just keep the profile selected to "GLobal Driver" Iv been manuelly changing the profile to whatever game im going to play and clicking apply. Is this even right? Ehh any help here would be appreciated ! THANKS>
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Right now running SLi with two 7800GTX is overkill. In other words your second card isnt needed. Wait a few month and as games get more complex engines and graphics get better you will see both of the cards being used.
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yea, thats what i'm doing with my 7800gt waiting for prices to drop a lot on em and them maybe get one if needed
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