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Default Corsair PSU making buzzing or possible fan noise

I recently bought a Corsair CX 750M PSU, to replace my Ace 650W because it was 4 years old and I wanted a modular. Anyway I plugged Everything in and assembled it all, turned the Power on and it worked just fine.
Then I started World of Warcraft and once I got into the game it started making a buzzing noise. I am not sure if it's and electrical Buzz or fan noise, its sort of a ticking sound, but I am certain it comes from the PSU. It is not high pitched as the coil whine, more ticking as a said. But since coil whine is so common among Corsair PSUs I doubt that it is the fan, but who knows. I Always play with a headset so I dont really notice it while playing but you know, it's still annoying cuz you know it's there, it just makes me so disapointed since Corsair is such a trusted Company. Then I tried Battlefield 4 and it did the same noice but even louder, and it only appears when I am playing the game, not while I'm in server/character selection menu, so it could be the fan reving up to support the GPU during all the processing that is required while playing such a high demanding game. I have to admit that the first time I started it with the new PSU installed I didn't pull the Power Cable in properly and it cut the Power when I moved the computer, could that have damaged it?

I did a lot of research, looked through forums and noticed that there's tons of other people with the similar problems.
An employee from Corsair created a thread on their website with a couple of solutions that might work, like enabling vsync, turning of several Power-saving functions in BIOS such as ERP,C1E and EIST, and some people said they've tried to turn the whole PSU with the fan facing either upwards or downwards.
I turned on vsync, didn't make any difference, turned of EIST, no difference, and I cant find ERP and C1E in the bios, I dont wanna mess around too much you know. And if it's a fan related problem, should I try turning the PSU so that the fan is facing upwards?

I have really no desire to go back to the store to get a new one since I spend so much time on the Cable management and don't wanna rip it all of AGAIN, I know I should have tested the PSU Before I plugged it all in but now it's done, lesson learned. Anyway if you got some tips for me, please do share them, and if you know where to find ERP and C1E in BIOS for ASUS motherboards please give me a detailed guide! Thanks ya'll!

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And a noisy CX 750M from Corsair...

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Default Re: Corsair PSU making buzzing or possible fan noise

Have you tried opening the side panel to your computer while running a game and checking all fans for any obstructions? Like perhaps one of your other fans are the source of the problem?

Make very sure it isn't a case fan, CPU fan, GPU...etc. I would rule out every possible situation because no one wants to RMA a PSU after spending so much time with wire management and installation obviously. It doesn't sound like a faulty PSU and if your games are running fine and you aren't encountering any errors it doesn't appear the functionality of the PSU is in question. Though if it IS the component making the ticking sound you don't want that of course.

I buy mostly Corsair PSU's and honestly never have encountered such a problem with their power supplies. However; we all get bad parts no matter what the brand is.

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Default Re: Corsair PSU making buzzing or possible fan noise

The CX series is a budget line, so small issues are known. You're only drinking about 300w from that PSU so if it is indeed just a small bit of coil buzz then you'll be fine if you really want to be that lazy and not replace it. I can almost assure you that's what it is since BF4 makes it louder and it's a more demanding game.

To the power cable thing, a small short usually wouldn't do it so I really don't think so. I would just check all connections. Make sure you're using the proper PCI-E 6pins on the 760, proper 8pin on the motherboard, ect. Sometimes it could be a simple issue like having something plugged in wrong.
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Default Re: Corsair PSU making buzzing or possible fan noise

After you check the above suggestions (+1) put the old psu back in and see if it makes the same noise, if not then get that Corsair rma'd because these types of things generally do not get better with time
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