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Default Corsair or generic? 1gb or 2? for my build (details inside)

Here's what I have now:

GeForce FX 5700 256mb
P4 2.8ghz 800
1gb generic pc3200 (cant find a brand name)
P4TSE-D2 Biostart mb
30gb 5400rpm WD PATA

Here's what I've bought for my new system:

Video = Geforce FX 7800-SH gt 256
Motherboard = MSI K8N Neo4-F Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4
CPU = AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice 1GHz FSB Socket 939
HDD = [2x] Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JD 80GB 7200 RPM (Plan on doing RAID 0)
PSU = TTGI Super-Flower PS-TT-550SS-4fans 550W

Now I need some RAM for my new system. I use my computer for gaming, and honestly, the system I've had was never really impressive. I always thought I woulda gotten more performance outta it for the $$ that I spent on it at the time of build. It just never seemed "right" to me. Most of my time is spent playing mainly DAOC, but sometimes some BF2, and HL2 mods. Don't underestimate DAOC, it can be a pretty taxing game with all the settings cranked up and in a highly populated area. I usually also have AVG, AIM, and Outlook Express runnin in the background as well.

Im lookin for pc3200 of course. Now, I've been told by a couple of ppl that 2gb of RAM is a waste. That I'll be fine with 1gb. I have 1gb now and I certainly thought I could use an upgrade, but my bottleneck may not be the RAM at all... I dunno. Thoughts?

Also... I've built 4-5 systems for myself, and I've never really splurged on good name-brand RAM. But the more I hear ppl talk about it, the more I wanna buy Corsair. I know it's always been good, but I was never really convinced it was worth it. Is Cas2 worth it, or is the Value Select 2.5 good enough? Thoughts?

Basically, here are my options, which would you recommend and why:

1gb (2x 512mb) Generic RAM = $61
1gb (2x 512mb) Corsair Value Select = $74
1gb (2x 512mb) Corsair XMS = $133
2gb (2x 1024mb) Generic RAM = $122
2gb (2x 1024mb) Corsair Value Select = $148
2gb (2x 1024mb) Corsair XMS = $266

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Generic will probably end up being Samsung, or another OEM manufacturur. Unless you plan on overclocking, it doesn't matter what RAM you really get. However, I'd stick to a brand that puts warranties on its stuff, like OCZ. But yeah, generic ram should do you fine

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Well since youre a gamer and you said that you play BF2 and whatnot, i would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you getting

2gb (2x 1024mb) Corsair XMS = $266

Ive heard many people say they've noticed a difference when useing 2 gigs during bf2 and whatnot. Even my computer teacher told me he saw a difference for bf2.

From what I know the type of ram you have wont really matter.But for gameing i really suggest you getting good matched pair of 2x1gig like OCZ like I have for dual channel.

EDIT: And the liftetime warranty is great.
EDIT: And also make sure and get good brand name memory if you plan to OC.
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What difference does it make if his timings are better if hes not overclocking?
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I'd go with XMS 1 GB, unless of course you wanted to play bf2 on max setting with low loading times, I guess 2 gigs would be more efficiant. If your not playing bf2 as your main game, 1 gig is perfectly fine.
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If you can afford 2 gigs, get 2. Works out a lot better for BF2 and you'll be ready for the future and you can wave goodbye to the people who think 1gig is fine. At what point do you say 2 gigs is the standard for higher end systems? At this point right here.

I\'m happy with it.
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