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Old 09-28-2008, 09:43 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Configs for my new Computer?

Hey, i just purchased my first custom computer, and im new to the whole, OCing and what not, and messing around with configuations and what not, so to keep things simple, i was just going to OC my Processor.

I got a E8400 Wolfdale 3.0

the rest of my comp
Giga EP45C DS3R
MSI HD 4870x2 Crossfire
2x 2GB DDR3 Gskill at 1600
CoolerMaster 750W
and a Zalman 110 CPU cooler sittin in a Antec 900
also im going to be running a 1900 resolution

what would be a good OC for this processor and what i have in the comp?
I plan to keep the ram and GPU stock...cause...thats out of my league atm though...but was wondering, if maybe another 4 GB of ram would be considerable over kill, its a gift that might be given to me, not my budget, i just have already bought everything else.
games i intend to play are WAR, Crysis and some new tittles coming out soon.

Thanx for your time.

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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

First of all 8GB of RAM would be TOTAL overkill. Totally unneeded for gaming. Your CPU could be overclocked enormously, just google overclocking the E8400 to get some tips.

Even though you should still overclock your video cards (because it's so easy) you probably don't need to considering you have two 4870x2's.

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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

I actually read a review, I can't remember which one it was but they said that it was rather difficult to OC the X2. I don't know if that has changed but I doubt it. No need to anyways with 2 X2's. That will dominate any and every game you throw at it.
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

If you like the Antec look then this is a great deal. Sells for $215 at my local Frys.

Antec Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - TWELVE HUNDRED -
Bedroom Rig:
HP Pavillion Mini Tower Case
Intel Pentium III Coppermine @ 800MHz
Hyundai 128MB PC100 SDRAM @ 3-2-2-5
Vision Tek Xtasy 9200SE PCI 128MB @ 200/400
19GB Quantum Fireball

Don't be jealous!
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

He didn't ask for a new case...

Oh and another 4GB of ram would be completely useless unless you're editing huge HD movies and doing ridiculous Maya work. If somebody gives you another 4GB for some reason, just sell it or keep it as backup or something.
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

Also, he has 2x 4870 in crossfire, not 2x 4870X2. Or at least that is what I assume he means by 4870x2 crossfire since the 'x' is lower case. If it is 2x 4870X2, then I gotta say you wasted a TON of money on that computer because just 1 4870X2 would last for a good 2 years without needing to upgrade to the "next ultimate series" of graphics cards.

You also kind of went very low level on the PSU and CPU cooler. All that hardware just to house a quickly outdated E8400, a low level Zalman 110, and a CoolerMaster 750W? Not to bash on CoolerMaster power supplies, but you could have gotten much better for much cheaper (Corsair 750tx and a Xigmatek Rifle CPU cooler with at least an E8500).

Who recommended these parts, who built it, and how much did you pay?

EDIT: If by Zalman 110, you mean 110mm and you actually got the 9700, then that is an ok cooler, but the Xigmatek is still much better for much less.

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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

Oh I didn't think that it could be 2x 4870. If that is the case then you didn't waste money but if its 2x 4870X2's then that's waay overkill. I agree with surgeVel, why only an older e8400 and such an average cpu cooler? I would've gone quad for sure and a Xigmatek Rifle.

Oh well, learn from that for next time I guess. OC'ing your cpu isn't hard at all. Just look up a guide like tommy said.
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

Eh...ha...honestly, i have no valid excuse for the parts really, i went off reviews and suggestions from a good friend. Then tinkered with it a bit.

I heard decent reviews about the 9700 Zalman, so i picked one up.
The E8400 Wolfdale is a CPU i also heard nothin but good things about, i was still under the impression from comments and reviews that Duel Core is still pretty superior than quad with games...though i could be wrong.
The deal with the PSU was i literally have no ideas about brands and reviews, and honestly went off on reviews. lol.

Im pretty new at this, like i said, my friend is making it, but im alot more interested now in making computers than buying them ,considering i was giving myself a 2500 dollar limit for a Alienware before he talked me out of it.

And yes, its a MSI HD 4870X2, no 2 of them.

The extra RAM would of been a gift, but the more i read, the more i understand it is totally overkill..haha..dont know what i could do to invest that extra money in, considering the computer is basically built, all that is waitin is my OS.

Thanx for your time.
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

The zalman is great I have one if you want that penn ultimate performance then a tuniq tower is required for air. The E8400 is a great chip especially if you want to overclock and will earn back that extra 160mhz of the E8500 with no sweat save your money .

The psu is the most IMPORTANT component it can take out everything in one foul swoop. There is an article somewhere on here about reccomended psu brands according to the system personally I think that Cooolermaster is and ok brand but personally would go with the Bfg ES 800W its cheap in Europe atleast, and you would struggle to find better quality insides even if BFG lacks the reputation..... It also comes with active energy manipulation to give you 80-85% efficiency whatever your wattage input which is good for upgrades.

You should make this PC yourself you will learn alot more and hopefully be able to fix the problems that arise yourself.
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Default Re: Configs for my new Computer?

corsair 750 watt psu is great and at great price

Asus P5Q Deluxe
OCZ Reaper 4gb (2 x 2gb)
Intel e8500 (ocing but need to learn more)
WD 640gb 7200rpm
Visiontek HD 4870
Corsair 750tx 750w
Thermaltake VH6000BWS
Vista Ultimate 64-bit
Xigmatek Rifle 1283 with retention bracket
Samsung syncmaster 226bw 22
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