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Default Common Noob Myths

These are some common myths that are asked about by noobs. This is here to compile a list of questions that they will now have the answer to. If you have any to add, please PM me. or post them, they will be added.

1- "But that doesn't have many watts! How can that be enough to power my system?"
-Amps are what matter on a PSU, not wattage. So when a 500 watt is suggested, if it was suggested by a trusted member and not contradicted, then it WILL supply your system well.

2- "Core 2 Duo < Intel Pentium D"
- "Why the fudge are you recommending a Core 2 Duo, its slower than the Pentium D I had originally, its got half of the Core Clock speed, for a person with 5,000posts you are really moronic!!"

- Pentium D may have high clock speeds, but they are slower than the Core 2 Duo, in fact there's a darn good chance the Pentium D EE < Core 2 Duo e2180

3- "That video card is old! it cant keep up with this one"
-It is not all about the name of the card. Just because it is an 8 series card, does not mean something like a HD2600XT can't beat it, or hold its own.
Benchmarks/comparison: - The HD2400 and HD2600, Reviews 'n news for the beast within us!

4- "I am gonna tri-sli my 8800GTS 512mb's!!!"
-um, actually you are NOT going to tri-sli anything unless you have a 8800gtx, 8800 Ultra, 9800GT, 9800GTX, GTX 260 and GTX 280 at this point. (You can tell by the multiple bridge)

5- "So this "agp" card and this "pci-e" card, they are the same no?"
- NO! agp is an older interface, that is being phased out. Please don't cut it to make it fit!!

6- "That card is pci-e 2.0! it won't fit, this board only has pci-e x16!"
- They both fit in each other. backwards compatible.

7- "I am gonna use SLI, and then plug in my second monitor!"
- Good luck with that. When SLI is enabled, you CANNOT plug in a second monitor to the two cards that are working together in the SLI. You can use a third card to support the second monitor, but not two monitors when SLI is enabled.

***- This may have to be revised as Geforce Forceware Driver 180 might address letting you have multiple monitors with SLi Enabled***

8- "Oh man, these crossfire cards are gonna rock with my dual monitors"
- Go ahead, crossfire supports multiple monitors.

9- "You suggested a 780i, and a 3870x2... but that video card is an ATI card, it won't work in the nvidia board.."
- yes it will! Go ahead, any ATI card will fit into a nvidia board, and a nvidia card WILL fit into a motherboard that supports crossfire.

10- "I can't wait to do crossfire 3870's on my 780i motherboard"
- Sorry, you CAN use a SINGLE card on an nvidia board, but you CAN'T crossfire on an nvidia board. You can still have both cards in, however it will not allow you to enable Crossfire technology. (For example, the mega folding rig uses 4 9800GX2's on a 790FX board, it will still work with all 4 and F@H can utilize them all, however you can't SLi them!)

11- "Yes! I have the money for a second 8800GTX on my p35 board!"
- Sorry, once again, you can't do SLI on a crossfire motherboard.

12- "I just cut the bottom of my graphics card, so it would fit into a slot, is that wrong?"
- DON'T EVER CUT COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. Unless you have been instructed to do so by verified directions, or you want to waste hundreds of dollars on your equipment.

13- "I have a 6ghz cpu! My 3ghz dual core, adds up to 6ghz!"
- No! you do not add the speeds of cores to get the speed of your system

14- "DDR3-1333 is faster then DDR2-1066!"

Quite the contrary. DDR2-1066 at 4-4-4-12 outperforms DDR3-1333. DDR3 shows it's muscle at DDR3-1600 and above. Below that, theirs barely a performance gain.

15- "OH NOES I don't got SLi Ready Memory, so I can't run SLi!!"

Quite the contrary. SLi-Ready RAM is a gimmick, you can still use normal non-certified RAM

16- "Since this ram is 1066mhz and so is my fsb my computer will have a 1:1 ratio."

No, actually ddr 1066 would only be 533mhz (1066mhz effective) so a fsb of 533mhz (2132) would be needed to have a 1:1 ratio.

Benchmark Results - Tom's Hardware : Tom's Ultimate RAM Speed Tests

17- "OMG that Video Card has half the RAM of this other card, so that video card sucks"

Not so fast there... VRAM doesn't always matter, if the card is more powerful the RAM amount isn't significant

*Made by nOcLuE98, Vernong, Drizzt5, aspire.comptech, Amd gt player, TheOtis,and peterhuang913*
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