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Old 10-07-2006, 06:21 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally posted by alexsabree
..... omg, power hungry basterds

450watts minimum?

Im guessing pretty soon we will all have watercooling.. cause thats where the gaming industry is headed.

The PlayStation4 will have a radiator and everything, with a Quad Core Cpu

Its going to happen everytime something new comes out. It gets hotter, and more expensive then the last one... then fades away, and another comes

I guess its not all that bad... for the people that have plenty of $$$
Actually, as processing is refined, things get cooler and less power-hungry. For example, compare a P4's heat production and power consumption to that of a Core 2 Duo.

I also disagree that the gaming market is headed towards watercooling. There is a niche market that you could consider 'enthusiasts' that would purchase water cooling. However, this does not mean that if you are a very active gamer, you must get watercooling.


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I'm trying to figure out why they're using such a weird memory bus bitrate

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Originally posted by Amd gt player
the ps3 allready has a 7core cpu why would it drop to 4 when ps4 comes out
im not and expert but im pretty sure it has 7 cells not cores, what the diffrence is im not sure but i know theres a diffrence
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Originally posted by sheky
Can someone please tell me why everyone is getting so excited to the point they say, "nVidia is reinventing the wheel" ?

The ram upgrade isnt exponential (1100000000). i mean the switch from pixel to unified shaders sounds nice, but the core clock is lower? As is the memory clock? There has to be something that I'm missing, someone care to help me understand?
that is just like saying, "well a p4 3.0ghz has more GHZ then a e6600.

It just doenst work that way. It is similar to the conroe, totaly different technology. And the addition of DX10 support.

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Following on what gaara said, why do they use 384-bit? I thought it would be 512-bit.


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I usually get excited when a new graphics card gets released, because lower quality ones usually drop in price.
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So, with quad core and new GFX cards coming out about the same week, i think ill wait till then to build and reap a few more dollars back in my pocket!
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Personally, i'll wait for ATI/AMD's next generation DX10 cards. I think they have something crazy up their sleves.

It's going to be interesting.
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on wikepedia it says that the launch price for the 8800gtx is gonna be $649! thats waaay too much for me..i think ill wait a couple more months after its released to see if the prices go down.
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they will. ATI's card is going to come out some time afterwards.

the high price on initial release is just so they can make money, while they have the top card out.

although we can't say whether AMD/ATI or nVidia will come out ahead

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