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What resolution looks good with what AA also depends on the monitor you have too...a 17" or 19" CRT or 15" or 17" LCD will look fine on 1024x768 2x AA. 19"+ LCD or 21"+ CRT will demand that you bump that up to 1280x1024, which is what WILL cripple today's systems. I have no doubt that today's systems will play it fine on 1024x768. If you want to go above that, you will need far more than whats available today.

*EDIT* LCDs dont tend to need AA as much if you are playing at the native resolution. They need it bad though if you are playing below the native resolution though, which why people like Nubius who play below the native resolution demand at least 2x AA. Funny thing is, most of the time 1024x768 2x AA runs better than 1280x1024 no AA.

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Funny thing is, most of the time 1024x768 2x AA runs better than 1280x1024 no AA.
Age of Empires III definitely couches for that on my computer....1280x1024 with no AA does indeed look better on the grass, walls, etc...etc.. but it also slows down to not quite unbearable, but it annoys me, so I play at 1024x768 with high AA and it's nice and smooth

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That is on TODAY'S machines. By the time UT2007 is released we will have the G80 core, socket M2, physics cards, and you should be able to build a PC that will play UT2007 decently for under $2000. As for playing it on today's systems with the settings cranked up? Its not happening!
But what you're saying completely contradicts these intense rumours for the most part. Socket M2 is still K8 architecture and the only difference is the RevF cores with DDR2 memory controllers...you'll get a bit more memory bandwidth out of RevF processors but the IPC rate should still be the same as current AMD64s which is already more than suciffent

Furthermore, a dedicated physics processor with dedicated memory will take load off of the CPU and system RAM, meaning that you shouldn't need a horsepower processor to play games using the PPUs as that core will take all of the physics calculations and instructions

Based on the current developement of GPUs at this point and time, my prediction is the G80 is going to suck...plain and simple. The original G70 core on the original GTX was a terrible innovation compared to previous generation cards, and even the revised the 7800 uses memory that can't be produced at high enough yields

The r520 has terrible yields despite being tapped about a year ago and had to be scatched and completely rebuilt, and both nvidia and ATI are still stalling with their "leet" G71/r580 cores

My point? Video card progression is slowing down compared to previous generation innovations...the G80 is most likely going to be garbage for its time period, cost an overpriced ripoff, and be "opimized" for SLI because people who buy into these rumours continue to buy into the SLI concept

UT2007 isn't going to be out for a year, I honestly don't care what it's "leet" specs are nor do I have any intention of playing it...why you are discussing such trivial concepts now are beyond me, that's like waiting for a quad core processor because dual cores will be obsolete in a years time

Rumours are silly, plain and simple...look at the initial r520 rumours of a 32 pipeline card with effective pipelines equal to a 40 pipeline card...oh wait, that was just a rumour, silly me
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But isn't UT2K7 coming out Q2 2006?
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Originally posted by Flanker

But isn't UT2K7 coming out Q2 2006?
Its scheduled for a June 2006 release. It'll probably be pushed back though. Fall 2006 seems realistic.
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Well it seems like this thread has answered just about any question i have ever wondered about computers lol. Well done guys.
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What you dont know is they make games on the future generations of cards and hardware because to game developers its already out but to the peons like us it hasent been released yet. Its hard to explain why or even how i should know this but its the truth. Thats why im speculating that the Unreal 3 engine is going to own our systems of today. Also i never said that SLI 7800ultras would be low settings. I did say for 1600x1200 maxed settings and maxed AA and AF you would need the G80 and Physix card plus possibly an M2 featured board and processor.

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