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Default Buying a new pc Help!

Ok i know how to build my own pc i took a class and final exam was to take apart a pc and put it togethr, i got a B on it cause i plugged in floppy cable backwards.. neway.. only thing i dont know is how to remove a heatsink and put a new one on.. i have seen video's but afraid ill mess up.

I need some help from AMD fans and P4 fans. I have an amd 64bit 3000, 6600gt 128mb, 1gigddr 3200, abit kv8 pro mobo

My friend scomputer just got fried by lightning and he is lookin for a newer one, which mine is. I will sell mine to him for 500USD which is a fair deal (not including monitor,mouse,keyboard)

All this talk about conroe and amd.. is amd not gonna be good for gaming nemore? or is it still gonna be good. I know processors really dont do much in gaming nemore and it's more #1 graphics card and #2 Ram.

My question for graphics card is Radeon or Nvidia for gaming
My question for ram is DDR1 Dual Channel or DDR2 Dual Channel
(reason i say that is cause i read DDR2 was pentium only?
My question for processors are AMD X2 3800+ or P4.. something id ont know how expensive conroe's are...)
This pc will be used to play intense games, Quake Wars.. BF2142 etc etc newer crap. I want to spend about around 1200 give or take 200 or so. Thanks guys i will be using Tigerdirect and Newegg for dealz and buys. Any other websites or deals that u know of lemme know, and when is this date set for amd x2 nd 64bit price drops? and x2 means dual core right? and is dual core 64bit worth it etc etc thanks!

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his puter was fried by lightning? Crazyness.

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phew this summer is a busy one! but its good to be back .

anyways, for graphics cards its ATI or nVidia. Radeon is just a line of cards ATI made. as of now, the nVidia GeForce 7950 is the best card u can get.

ram, it only depends on what cpu and mobo combo u get. ddr 1 for AMD's and ddr2 for all new intels and AMD's AM2.

for ur proc, get the Intel Core 2 Duo E6700. Kills the FX-62 in almost everything for only $500 compared to the fx-62 for $1000+.

however, since u want to spend only 1200, i recommend the Intel E6600 for 320, and the geforce 7800 gt (maybe gtx) made by evga which are nice prices now from the 7900's

and yes x2 means dual-core . hf

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Ok so DDR2 dual channel for A P4...
That P4 46600 is that 64bit? cause vista...
Will that p4 multi task well? my amd 64 bit does decent. i wanna be able to play 2 wow accounts at once on the system tho i can do it on this one.. but it lags and settings have to go on low.

and is conroe out.. how is this e6600 to be bought if it's conroe and not out...

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man... like i thought the conroes came out June 20th.. something.. not july!?! AHH!

I wanna be able to play Quake Wars when it comes out fall 2k6...

neway i like my amd 64bit like sigh.. i duno x2 3800+ 64bit or a conroe.. i mean /shrug.. i dont know what iw ant. and like i dont know what's better for gaming.

2 gigs of something ddr2 dual channel all the goodies.
something around a 6800 Ultra 256 or higher or a ati card if they are better for gaming
a motherboard with a name i hear is good like asus having a pci express slot.. dont really care about the sli stuff but maybe...must have 4 slots for memory must have dual channel support and possibly ddr2 if it's better for gaming

i want my case to be cool, not like ice cold or like having to put water cooling.. something with good fans and heatsinks etc so my cpu wll run around 80 farenheit or so cause right now it's running 109 F

i want to be able to game with no lag and fast load times and be like the first one in etc ) with like 80fps or so )
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Oh man... i dont feel like typing all that much, first, go Conroe, the cheapest one will BEAT an AMD X2 4800+ and its less than 200 dollars. And the processor is HUGE HUGE HUGE in games!!! Most of us would say Nvidia is a better card, but they both have equals, you can buy equal ATI/Nvidia cards. And if you are gonig to build, wait till after conroe comes out because there will be enormous pricecuts across the board. DDR and DDR2 dont make that much of a difference. As far as PCI-express goes, most motherboards have them now, you wont really have to worry about that. And if you are going with a conroe, you will have to wait to see what motherboards are available at that time. And a conroe, 7800 GT or better, and 1 gig or more of Ram will produce likely more than 80 FPS, and after that you dont need any more really because your eyes cant pick up the extra framerates after that anyhow.
And about wanting to play that one game in the fall, Conroe comes out July, just like you said, which is like 2 months before fall, so i dont see a problem there. And anything conroe will be better for gaming, no doubt about that, the "slowest" one will beat better than almost any X2 processor and anything above the lowest one will beat anything AMD has to dish out or at least be right up there with it. So, if i missed anything clear it up guys, so much for not typing much

EDIT- The conroe is NOT NOT NOT a P4, and yes it will multitask well and be very good for gaming. Anything new with a name like E***** is a conroe and NOT a P4.

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