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Default Building a new system.....

Yes, I know I just built a system earlier this year but something has come up. I need too many upgrades to perform as well as I want to and so I decided to build a new system. I am giving my old one to my dad, and he in exchange will help me pay for the parts I will need. Looking for a build around 200 bucks. System will be used mostly for gaming(oblivion mostly), along with surfing the net, playing music, and burning cds.

Newegg links up!!!!
What would be my best bet here? Is the 4400 worth the extra money you have to pay for it?

Should I wait until the new DFI boards with the xpress-200 chipset is out?

Is this good for 2g of memory? Or does anyone have another suggestion?

This or the audigy 2 zs?

This or should I get the GT and unlock the pipelines? Also tomorrow I will add an ATI card to compare. Should I get BFG or eVga if I go Nvidia?

Does the raptor help gaming enough to justify buying it?


What are some good power supplies that cost less but have awsome performance? I know OCZ and Antec are to look for, but what models? Is it better to get a really good single rail psu, or a dual rail?


Cooling:some type of water cooling-??

Any ways I can cut the cost down on this build without sacraficing too much performance?What would make a good custom water cooling system? Also, is it a good idea to put a block on the nb? I want a silent computer since this one I have now is really freakin loud, but I don't want to hinder performance because of it. All suggestions welcome. Also, what are good surge protecters and UPS?

Edit: All comments and suggestions welcome.

Edit: Also looking for keyboard suggestions. Want something that feels comfy and won't hurt my wrist.

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everything looks pretty good, i would stick with the GTX sense you might not be able to unlock the pipelines, for the raptor, i would buy the raptor for the OS. the cpu. a lot of ppl say the extra 1MB cache really doesnt do anything, if your saving money go with the 3800+ if not go with the 4400+. but i like toledo...

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Ok, that sounds good. I can just overclock the 3800 anyways. Anyone want to second the opinion that the extra cache doesn't really help? Will it ever help much? Ok, I think I will try to get the GTX unless the x1800xt outperforms it in 3rd party benchies that should be out very soon. Although I read something about 12 pipes keeping one guy from getting good graphics on CoD2. It forced him to have dx7 graphics, hopefully that doesn't happen with 16.....Ever......Well as long as I will own the card. ATI has better AA and drivers than Nvidia from what I hear, is this correct?
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Is this a good, cheaper alternative the the pc power psu listed above? What is the performance difference between the two?
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Usually when I ask a question like this I will just edit one of my other posts to include it as to not post too many times in a row or to save space but this thread is falling away and I still need some questions answered. When ordering from newegg, is there a way to have your stuff shipped to you without everything being removed from its original packaging and stuffed all into one box? The reason I asked is because I wish to have all the boxes and stuff shipped with the products I order.
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