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Default Building a new pc...

Hey, I'm getting tired of my computer now. So, Im just going to start over and build a whole new one. Now I am trying to build a gaming computer...I dont want to go to over board but I was just trying to double check with some of you other guys...So, If I missed anything or need to downgrade or upgrade...or maybe I didnt match two of them up right...Any advice would be awesome!(I don't know much about computers so there may be lots of mistakes)

Case/Cooling system/Power Supply - $139.99

Motherboard - $42.99

Harddrive - $84.99

Optical Drive - $11.99

Memory - $132.99

LCD Monitor - $169.99

Processors - $203.00

Video Card - $299.00

Speakers(kickass) - $59.99

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U know that PCI-eXpress is better than AGP.... if u r getting brand new comp. u need to get PCI-eXpress cause they arent making much more Graphics cards in agp form anymore.

I would myself get a 19 inch Screen

I would think that ur ram is good
(no matter what everyone else says... there all the same, cause i promise someone is going to say that u need better ram )

The processor is DECENT... i wouldnt consider it average on a gaming comp. but its aight

The graphics card is good.... but needs to be PCI-Express and so does the motherboard.

Speakers........ arent kickass.... they are low grade.
They are good for games.. but music.. ahh der horrible
I would suggest getting a sound card for anyspeakers that cost more than $100 USD

I wouldnt use the power supply that comes with ur case...
*besides antec*
Get a good powersupply with above 400 wats and a GOOD BRAND

The case will always dillever the same cooling as far as the structure goes, but u will probably need to get more fans. (in my opinion)

Dont forget about getting a good keyboard and mouse. Espically if ur gaming.

I cant really look at teh harddrive cause neweggs page is currently unavailable. but i would suggest about 160Gb in total space (minimum)

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as far as the optical drive goes, i wouldnt even touch a CD-ROM, way too obsolete. And for a good, high-performance machine, you have to have a good drive.

I recommend this -

Samsung Combo Drive 52/32/52/16 DVDROM/CDRW $25-
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The hard drive was a Samsung 250GB internal. You have to copy and paste the link into the browser. The hard drive is AOK!

Mouse - DCT Factory Optical Mouse with glowing wheel - $4.36

Keyboard - Keyboard 2000 Wired Keyboard - $4.25
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everyone has failed to mention that the processor and the motherboard are not compatible. for board go with a MSI K8n neo4-f.

THe ram ur getting right now is not so good temperature wise. most new ram have this metallic cover that dissipates the heat err something or other. Either buy from G.Skill, OCZ, Crucial or Corsair, or Patriot.

this is the video card you want.
same price, but its PCIe, and its better.
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yes get another mobo i woul never pay less than 150 for a mobo... :P
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I'm getting those same speakers after I get a new video card.

My friend's sister has a set, they kickass.

EDIT: That RAM is also not compatible with your motherboard. The motherboard supports 184-pin DDR, you chose 240-pin DDR2.

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Ok..WOW...Im an idiot...

So anyways, I took your advice and seeing how i was wrong last time how about these changes?



Sound Card



I changed my video card to the one recommended, same with the optical drive...So corrections with this setup would be greatly appreciated.
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ite your case is cool
i have it
but you might want to consider upgrading it in the future

aspire psu's are that strong
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Originally posted by Tordenskjold
yes get another mobo i woul never pay less than 150 for a mobo... :P

your an idoit...

The DFI Lanparty Ultra-D is 122 dollars and one of the top 3 boards for Sckt 939 and you wont buy it becuase its not over a 150?

Pure Ignorance if you ask me....


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