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likwiFIRE 10-25-2005 07:14 PM

building a computer... specs
Hey... my first post on the forum. I am buildin a computer for one of my friends and I have put together a few parts, but I before I let him throw-down around 2000 dollars I want to make sure that all these parts will run together well, and that I am making the right choice in all of the hardware. He already has a case / mouse / keyboard / monitor.

He is going to be using a headset... would he still need a soundcard or could he connect it to the onboard and be just fine? Also I was thinking that I wanted to downgrade that processor for one that is like 200 dollars cheaper, but which one should I get that would still be great performance and that will work well with the other components there.
Also would it be wise to use water cooling? Or is unnecesary and would he be fine with a few fans??? Thanx for all the help!!!

PZEROFGH 10-25-2005 07:17 PM

1) dont get asus with amd, DFI or MSI

2) dont get XFX, get eVGA leadtek BFG gigabyte or MSI

3) the ram is kind of crappy you wont be able to OC very much, though you wont be able to OC very much with 2GBs lol
3A) get a 2GB set not a 4*512

4) get an X2 processor X2 3800+ which is way cheaper you can actualyl spring for a X2 4400+ with 2MB L2 cache.

5) just get an after market heatsink for your processor

6)with a 2k budget yuo can buy a better psu then that

get the antec HE series with tripe +12V line :shocked:

HAVOC 10-25-2005 07:27 PM

First of all welcome to tech-forums.

PZEROFGH made a bunch of good suggestions. But, ultimately decide for yourself what's best for you.

likwiFIRE 10-25-2005 07:35 PM

what is wrong with asus?

would that be a good motherboard for the processor and GFX card? Also if I were to get an AMD X2 processor would it be compatible with that motherboard? Someone who left feedback for the motherboard on newegg said this

"One thing I noticed before I bought this was that it doesn't say it is compatible with the AMD 64 X2's. I don't have an X2 in mine but the box I got with my board came with a big neon green sticker saying that it supports the X2 CPU's."

also we do not wish to overclock this machine at all... so will we still have to get better ram? will it be much of a difference?

does the geforce 7800 gtx require a pci express motherboard?

should i get that GFX card instead of the other XFX one i had?

Static_11 10-25-2005 10:22 PM

cheap ram = expensive ram

expensive ram > cheap ram (which dont even OC.. if it does, VERY little but i've never tried it O_O)

Zanjo 10-25-2005 10:31 PM

You need to get better RAM, a better motherboard, and make sure the DVD writer uses all the formats you want.

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