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Default best time to build or wait?

I have a...

Soyo fire dragon mobo

512 ddr266 ram
Intel pentium 4 2.4
Geforce4 128mb ti4200 (yea its old)
160 gig ide and a 320 gig ide Hardrives

I have read a lot of posts on dual cores, quad cores, intel vs. AMD,
single cores vs. dual cores etc.....

I would like to build a new machine, but I am wondering when is a good time. I understand there is usually never a better time then aby because the ongoing speed of newer and better things being released, but I know there are good times when something major comes that makes other things drop dramtically like new CPU's and different socket types. I plan on gaming with the most recent games, some media work like dvd editing and authoring, and I plan on having Vista (depending on compatability issues) when it comes out. I know these requirements, mainly the games and vista, will require a more top of the line machine.
I would be looking at getting a new...
Mobo, memory, CPU, video card, and PSU.
I really would not like to invest in new HD's because I have a 360 and a 160 gig ide hds. So my new mobo will have to except ide drives. I have heard most Sata mobos also except ide as well from another post although their not as fast. I have around $800.
My question is... For what I want to do and for the sake of future proofing to get the most of the system down the road, when would be the best time to build a new system? Any suggestions on components? Thanks for the insight in advance guys/gals.

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well near january microsoft vista is coming out and that will be required for everything and its an OS so...

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Im waiting for some better motherboards to come out that support Conroe, and also for the price of them to settle. I think the Conroe CPU prices have settled for a couple months.
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if your budget is around $1,000, id say its a good time to go with a e6300 conroe biuld maybe a 7600gt or 7900gt depending on other part prices

if ur budget is 1,500+, wait a while till the e6600 drops a bit and a good overclockin mobo(a really good one) is released.
maybe a radeon x1950xt or xtx whatever(if it ever gets affordable)

future proofing doesnt happen with $800 too easy, unless you want horrible graphics then upgrade wayy down the road, havent heard what the new radeon's will use to connect but looking at how better theyll be its a good asumption most will require a new form of pci-e
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they are making a newer PCIE then 16x? I wonder what the nice build with a conroe will cost in Febuary versus now....
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I would wait until the word is out on direct x 10 cards. If you can't wait get a conroe e6300 and get a cheap 100 gpu and wait util the direct x 10 cards to spend real money.
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There will always be something "better" on the verge of coming out. There is no "best" time to buy. First DX10, then Vista, then Quad-Core, by then even more concepts will be transformed into actual computer components.
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You have a point, WorldIndustries, but what you say is not completely true. A new directx or OS doesn't come out every year, at least not one that improves the previous one as much as Vista does when compared to XP.

Since your budget is $800, I take it you won't be getting a DX10 card. Thus, I would wait untill after the new cards and vista come out or even a months more. The previous generation technology should drop in price considerably.

P.S. I have very limited understanding of the computer industry, don't take my word for it, I'm purely speculating on what should logically happen.
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Sorry I only skimmed your post at first. I realise that you want to have Vista and play new games. Well, I don't think getting a DX10 card will be an option, as far as I know, the cheapest one at launch will be $300 or more.

Vista is also not going to be cheap on it's own, I am sorry but I don't think you can get a Vista ready machine that can run games on good settings at that price. But maybe someone more experienced aroudn here can help you out.
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ya like said, just wait some. Save up your money, and when vista and DX10 come out you can see how old gen prices drop. and new gen prices look like.


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