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Default Battle of the Sounds - WAR

OK so I have no idea where this SHOULD go - but I figured since it deals with performance issues, sound prefs and all, I'd start here.

This is day 2 of the apparent "Sound War" going on right now.

"What the heck are you talking about?" you might ask... well... my neighbors and room mates apparently got into a fight, and now everyone has every speaker system they have, computer, car, mp3 player, anything they can get ahold of, playing on FULL BLAST trying to drive the others out of their minds (or maybe just drown them out? I don't know)

I had it "last night" (early this morning) so now it's my turn. My little Creative 2.1 Speakers are playing louder and clearer then they EVER have played before.... Lolz.

**Sparta Techno Plays**

The main reason for this thread is to help in case of issues (sound related, PC performance, etc) and notify you all of the crazy stuff that goes on in my life. Lol. I don't know who is going to win, but sleeping has become a problem - there is NO PLACE in the house, in the yard, or in the apartment complex where you can get sleep without someone's speakers thudding some bass somewhere. Thankfully in my room with mine cranked I can only hear what I play/do. (means my speakers are pretty bad A eh?)

Wish I had a external Recording device so I could walk around and you hear the war, I tried with my mic but it only picks up my songs and stuff and a "whisper" of background noises.

Besides calling the cops and calling in a noise problem, I really don't see this ending. Least I know now just how powerful these little $20 speakers I bought 8+ years ago are.

Massive hearing loss FTW!

ON a side note my speakers have an un-wanted side-tone that is either from the song and the preset EQ settings, or the placement of the speakers, that causes a very painful sensation in my ears. It might be the increased volume level itself however....

The ringing in my ears isn't going to stop anytime soon that's for sure... but I guess I'll put some headset and stuff on to help reduce noise levels I receive

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Default Re: Battle of the Sounds - WAR

Have you tried talking to your neighbors and roommates to see if they would consider ending the war? I'm sure everyone is as sick of it as you. If you can't talk your neighbors into it, they will stop eventually, probably a maximum of day (if I had to guess) after you guys quit.

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Default Re: Battle of the Sounds - WAR

The war ended a short while ago. The neighbors dropped their sound, my roomy blew his speakers out (LOLZ!) and I finally turned mine down (although the ringing and beating didn't stop)

Now it is just a matter of Aspirin, sleep, and time before the migranes go away. Good thing I don't work until Sat.

Oh and I guess the cops showed up sometime... but I was zoned out in a game.. so I didn't even notice.

Now all I hear is my TV on LOW (cuz man.. this migrane sucks) the occasional city noise outside (like sirens) and the typing of my keys (which sound really loud) with the fans (also lound) and the constant ringing in my ears >.<

I have never been to a rock concert but I think I did about the same damage to myself.

Oh on a bright side -

My speakers are still great. They are turned to volume setting 1% now, but they still come in clear and firm. Man these Cheapo's were built tougher then I thought! And Here I thought about replacing them!
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Default Re: Battle of the Sounds - WAR

next time just get a good sound card and some massive audio system and blast the **** out of them. lol
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