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Old 09-05-2006, 02:38 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Awesome... I just fried my motherboard...

Since my pc wouldn't POST and according to the many sites I found on the internet. I came to the conclusion that my motherboard was fried. But, I wasn't sure, so I took it to GeekSquad (I became desperate). They opened it up and tried a different psu and came to the conclusion that the motherboard was fried. Just GREAT! [sarcasm] I think I might've fried the motherboard when I was installing it in the new case because I didn't ground myself (stupid mistake). So now, I need to buy a new motherboard and take it to GeekSquad and have them install it for me. $130, that is how much they wanted just for the installation.

Here are my specs:
* Intel P4 Processor 560J with HT (3.60GHz1, 1MB L2 Cache)
* Front Side Bus Speed: 800MHz
* Chipset: Intel® 915G
* 1GB PC-3200 400MHz DDR (512MB x 2)
* 250GB2 7200rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive
* ATI Radeon® X300 (128MB Video Memory)
* Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005

Which motherboard do you recommend. My current chipset is a 915g, does that mean I have to buy a new motherboard that is also a 915g?

The guy at GeekSquad said I might also need to reformat the hard drive to guarentee that it works. Why would I need to do that?

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You dont have to buy the same chipset but the same socket which for that proc which I beleive is LGA775. Youll probably want a mobo with the same features of your last one though. And they will have to format the harddrive since its a new hardware installation and they want to remove all of the old motherboard drivers so theres no conflicts. Oh yeah if they charge 130 for the installation your getting ripped off

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why dont you get the exact same motherboard you had? Then plug everything in where it should go. Maybe video tape yourself uplugging things so you know where they go. LOL
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you know it may not be fried...why not give us a rundown of what ye be doing...and what was happening, etc.

I'll read it over (when I get home) and we can assume whatever....of course if you already sent it off and paid, well then nevermind

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Previous message wasn't as specific, I don't think you have to get another mobo that is a 915 chipset, as long as the motherboard is the same processor socket as your P4, and as long as your mobo says it supports your processor, then you could get one, ex: 965, 975, etc. You could even get a nforce 4 intel version mobo, I think they work with your processor, but I'm not exactly sure, but most likely. Take the mobo you have to a third party instead of relying on the "Geek squad" since most likely they're just spewing BS since its the easiest diagnoses just to tell you that its fried, and you'll have to buy a new one (from them) and have them install it for you. Take it to a computer repair shop, ie: a local mom and pop computer shop that'll most likely have someone that is a certified computer technician, instead of a bunch of high schoolers diagnosing computer problems.

Oh and don't shop at Best Buy, everything they have is overpriced, $22 round ide cables (wtf?), $30 computer tool kit (only option to get the antistatic wrist wrap is to get the toolkit). Just get stuff like Windows XP if you made the mistake not to get the oem off newegg (don't make that mistake!).
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well all the more reason that i should make sure to ground myself when building.
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This happened to me, at first I thought it was the motherboard so I bought a new one, but that didn't work out too well either.. turn out, it was the psu being too low, so I bought a new one and it work out perfectly fine now. Do you know wat's the psu's watt when they tested it?

And by the way, just install the motherboard yourself if you decided to buy one, it's not that hard to worth 130 alone for labor.

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