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Wow! That crossfire was right up in there at those high resolutions. Nice

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isnt there basically no point for anything over 150 fps? i heard somewhere that 150fps is what the human eye sees so anything higher is pointless perhaps maybe fore next gen games or something.


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You still need to benchmark one videocard to see how it compares to others. Just because there aren't any games that stress the videocard to below 60FPS (the generally accepted smoothness level) doesn't mean that the card shouldn't be tested at all. All videocards are not created equal, and eventually there will be a time when they WILL be stressed. You'll want to know what's the best performance for your money when that time comes.
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I am not going to take anything serious until I see it on ATI'website.

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Of course videocards can run more fps than the human eye can register. But they can run higher for stability reasons. I don't know the details, but at certain stable fps, the communication between gpu and cpu and in game engines works better in sync and produces different, more pleasable results. For example, running Call of Duty 2 in 125 or 333fps gets the most out of the physics engine, allowing you to jump higher.

And of course videocards don't lock their fps down to the most a human eye can register. Of course you can still do that manually to save gpu usage or to get a stable fps for certain reasons like I said above. High fps in those benchmarks basically allows you to compare the performance of one card to another, one that runs at 90fps give the same experience as one that runs at 180fps, but you can roughly conclude from this that the 180fps card is twice as strong. Thus future proof.
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Originally posted by Higach
isnt there basically no point for anything over 150 fps? i heard somewhere that 150fps is what the human eye sees so anything higher is pointless perhaps maybe fore next gen games or something.
Truly 30fps is the highest detection of motion, but for PC games it is around 60-70..... dunno why but look it up and you will find 30 frames per second is the highest for human eye
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There's so much misinformation about that.

The human eye can detect differences as fast as 275FPS. There was a test done with Airforce personel on the matter.

In games, it is generally accepted that 60FPS is the mark of smooth gameplay.

Movies at 30FPS look smooth because of how the frame moves on top of the preceding image. Ever played a game at 30FPS? It looks anything but smooth.
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Originally posted by The General
ATI may have a faster video card, but that doesn't mean they get my money. That also doesn't mean that it solves their driver problems.
i see no driver problems if your using windows...

only for you.. you hippie linux users!!
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Not as good as I thought. The 8800GTX performed better in BF2 than R600
R600 performed better than 8800GTX by 1 frame in COD2

So, in my opinion ATI sucks

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