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Old 01-15-2006, 03:00 PM   #21 (permalink)
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how long do yoy think it will be before graphics become indistinguishable from the real world?
I think it'll be quite some time honestly. A lot longer than two generations like the guy above speculated IMO. They are getting really good at making environments look really realistic but people will always be the hardest. As humans we just naturally are able to distinguish others of our species and I don't see graphics becoming so good that we can't tell that it's not a real person. Beyond simply the looks and all the movement is another thing that will take years to perfect. Anyone ever watch Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence? It's a movie that has some amazing CG in it. The environments they create (a mixture of CG and regular animation) almost look real at some points. So as I said the environments are getting really close to looking real....but that doesn't necessarily mean we'll have the power in our PC's to play it in a game.

Actually one of the new things being invented is microtechnology, look at that iPOD video, they managed to fit 60 Gigs of hard drive space into a little hard drive. 60 Gigs is more memory than my old computer had, and a computer's hard drive that is 40 Gigs is about maybe 10x larger than the iPODS
Yeah it really is amazing now how it's not uncommon for kids to have near 1 terabyte in space. I remember in the days when 1gb was only for crazy math professors who had huge formulas that would actually take up that space and I couldn't fill my 800mb hard drive in my old 63MHz macintosh with 8mb of RAM

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Originally posted by apokalipse
how long do yoy think it will be before graphics become indistinguishable from the real world?
Well, in two generations we could see environments indistinguishable from the real world, but it will be quite some time before we see animate objects such as life-forms, etc that are done that good.

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To power the GeForce 9950GTXGSGTXT PE you will require 1. A 4Killowatt power supply 2. An EATX case 3. A brand new AGPPCIEx800 slot by Intel.
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Originally posted by beedubaya
PC gaming is getting more expensive each day...I'm hoping my 7800GT will hold me over till the G80. I personally would advise skipping this generation since the G80 will include DX10 support and will likely wipe the floor with this one. I haven't heard anything about what ATI has planned to compete with the G80.
How can you 'advise' anything? the cards aren't even released yet and official benchmarks haven't been released either.
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Probably because it makes sense. Vista will be DX10 and up only and as he said the games take up more and more. I doubt Nvidia would take a "step backwards" like you are saying.
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Well, im sure more than two generations. You will also probably need a supercomputer with VERY-FAST Pixel Generators. The humand mind, if i can remember generates, about 100 billion Pixels per second, the worlds current fastest supercomputer which is the IBM blue gene generates about 74.4 billion, and In basic gaming computers, we are FAR, FAR, FAR away from getting 74.4 Teraflop Processors.
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Originally posted by d00dwheresmycar
Possibly two generations from now, look at the 360, it looks ALMOST real, next gen will look even more real, and at last, the next one WILL be real
And then.. life will not look real. Games will lol yeaa rock on.
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900 bucks! Now I feel better that I'm getting a 7800GT
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I bet games will have better graphics than real life. And higher resolutions...
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I will be alright for number 2 then.

I was going to skip this generating of cards, but I had my chance to upgrade when my 6800 died, and for £20 it was worth it (+£80mobo and + £65 PSU to power the card.)


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