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Old 07-28-2006, 11:43 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default ASUS or MSI mobo?

just a quick question. which board should i get? it's AM2 and i'll be using it for gaming and overclocking later on. This is my first build too.



there's two other mobo's (gigabyte) i'd still consider but idk...i've heard a lot of good things about ASUS and MSI


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I'd go for the MSI, have read a couple of good reviews on it. Don't go for one of the 2 Gigabyte mobos, they still uses nForce 4 chipsets, unlike the other 2 mobos you picked.

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i agree. i have heard quite a few good things about the MSI AM2 boards. MSI's are generally known to be reasonable overclocking boards for their price and other features included. i have heard a few good things about that Asus motherboard as well but i am prejudiced againt Asus motherboards
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Im running an MSI neo platnium now, very nice board, MSI has some of the best overclock features along with there corecell and digicell software it makes proformace a breeze.
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ok, well... I'll go against the grain here... I have had a couple of different ASUS boards, not AM2 mind you, but S939... and have had no issues with them EXCEPT once... I OC'd too much and the board kinda freaked out... I thought I blew it up, but once I reset the CMOS and let it sit for a while it was good... But I will say this, like above, I have heard lots of people here say very good things about MSI... So I'm not biased and say go for either...

It just depends on what you want to spend and what you want... I would however recommend this: I wouldn't go cheap, but I wouldn't get expensive either... Like you said... this is your first build. My first cost me a whole 40.00 bucks when the first mobo I had blew... So maybe if you can find the same board you want on sale, or possibly ebay, or buy local... then I would say do that first.. I'm not saying that you'll end up doing it wrong the first time... Just don't want you to spend more than you have to... cause once you get the builders bug... it's VERY hard to get rid of!!!

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i personally love asus mobo's. i dont have an am2 though so i guess i have no experience with the new socket. i haven't heard anything bad about MSi though either. So i guess its more of a pick between what your looking for and what others have to say about it that have personal experience.

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No matter how much I try to like Asus I always hear of people having issues. Seriously, you go to find some reviews of an Asus item and you find people getting ****ed off and telling about their issues. But everything has its problems. Msi all the way.
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Well, I love my motherboard. (It's in my sig) Only problem is the NB can get a little bit hot when OCing.
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My s939 Asus A8N motherboard has been good to me.

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