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Default Argument AMD vs. Intel

[13:17] G STAR ANDRE: im all done now my pc runs 43% faster now with a 5second start up
[13:17] G STAR ANDRE: beat that ahahaha
[13:18] gruntmasher:
[13:18] gruntmasher: this summer is when i get a pc better than urs
[13:18] gruntmasher: what processor do you have ?
[13:18] G STAR ANDRE: 3.0 ht dual core
[13:18] G STAR ANDRE: top of the line intel
[13:18] G STAR ANDRE: 3.2 sorry
[13:18] gruntmasher: which is ****
[13:18] gruntmasher: lol
[13:18] gruntmasher: sorry to tell you
[13:19] G STAR ANDRE: ?
[13:19] gruntmasher: let me show you
[13:19] G STAR ANDRE: look theron
[13:19] G STAR ANDRE: let me tell u for the last time
[13:19] gruntmasher: lol
[13:19] gruntmasher:
[13:20] G STAR ANDRE: u look at comps which has been tested against other comps. mine is a dual core intel which has been customised for me. and i then change the whole of windows so it runs 43% better than it would if i got an alien
[13:20] G STAR ANDRE: so dont tell me ****
[13:20] gruntmasher: interesting
[13:20] gruntmasher: never heard of that before
[13:20] gruntmasher: ...
[13:20] gruntmasher: just check out that link
[13:21] G STAR ANDRE: im sorry to say but what makes u think that your comp will be better than mne
[13:21] gruntmasher: i'm getting an opteron
[13:21] gruntmasher:
[13:21] gruntmasher: those babies OC like bitcehs
[13:21] gruntmasher: *****es*
[13:21] gruntmasher: i can get mine to 3.0Ghz easily
[13:21] G STAR ANDRE: wont be better than this
[13:21] gruntmasher: which would equal 4.0-4.2 GHz intel
[13:21] gruntmasher: yes it will
[13:22] G STAR ANDRE: hey look i know about computers and what u can do with them. u just know them for about a few monthes and u think u are better?
[13:22] gruntmasher: nah i never said ii know as much as you
[13:22] gruntmasher: you still know more
[13:22] gruntmasher: i'm just saying
[13:23] gruntmasher: intel dual core is ****
[13:23] G STAR ANDRE: look hey stop
[13:23] gruntmasher: AMD is dedicated to providing innovative and inexpensive ways to increase product performance...most people would say that the most significant innovation in AMD64 cores is the 64 bit instruction capabilities...but they are wrong

AMD has built the memory controller directly into the core rather than previous architecture that constructed it within the northbridge...this means that there is no longer a low frequency bus needed to connect the processor to the memory controller as they are intertwined and the FSB is effectively the speed of the core itself

This leads to direct access to the memory, known as Hypertransport or previously Lightning Data transfer...a high speed low latency bus that is capable of delivering up to 22GB/sec the case of DDR400 memory the memory bandwidth is roughly 6.4GB/sec rather than the "standard" 3.2GB/sec that DDR400 would normally deliver if the memory controller was situated on the northbridge

Intel architecture still uses the traditional northbridge and FSB concept therefore the memory is still limited based on the communication required between numerous points...therefore AMD is able to utilize slower operating, cheaper memory modules to provide the same bandwidth as faster, more expensive modules that Intel uses

A processors clock frequency is no longer an accurate way of determining its power as a clock cycle simply refers to a single operation, however one operation is only as powerful as how many instructions it can perform. AMD architecture has allowed AMD to use slower clock speeds, however they perform more instructions per cycle therefore they compete competetively with faster clocked processors

An Athlon 3200+ really is 2GHz, but it performs roughly the same as an Intel pentium 4 processor operating at 3.2GHz...a dual core processor is a bit more complicated...that processor rating refers the Intel dual core processor that the AMD would compete competetively in multithreaded applications...therefore a 4800+ would perform roughly the same as a 4.8Ghz Pentium D
[13:23] G STAR ANDRE: im not talking about it no more u just read reviews or something
[13:23] G STAR ANDRE: liek i said i have changed it
[13:24] gruntmasher: just read it
[13:24] G STAR ANDRE: i know all that
[13:24] gruntmasher: ok
[13:24] gruntmasher: well your computer is still very good
[13:24] gruntmasher: tis' top of the line
[13:24] gruntmasher: i'm just saying
[13:24] G STAR ANDRE: better than any amd
[13:24] gruntmasher: i'm an AMD fanboy
[13:24] gruntmasher: ok well that's not right lol
[13:24] gruntmasher: AMD FX-57
[13:24] gruntmasher: is better
[13:24] gruntmasher: especially when OC's
[13:24] gruntmasher: OC'd*
[13:26] G STAR ANDRE: omg i just said the cpu works different from intel and amd. what i have done is got a amd which i then used a program to edit windows so it runs 43% better than a ship one from alien. therefore mine can run better than a amd because my windows has been changed to work with 2cpus
[13:26] G STAR ANDRE: then with 4 threds of info along with full ram
[13:26] G STAR ANDRE: now no more
[13:26] gruntmasher: lol
[13:26] gruntmasher:
[13:26] gruntmasher: you win
[13:26] gruntmasher: i guess
[13:27] gruntmasher: well that's great
[13:27] gruntmasher: i'm happy for you
[13:27] G STAR ANDRE: u dont understand how to max out pcs so u get it wrong
[13:27] gruntmasher: lol
[13:27] G STAR ANDRE: like last time u said windows only uses 2GB
[13:27] G STAR ANDRE: wrong
[13:28] gruntmasher: well anything over that, windows doesn't know what to do with it
[13:28] gruntmasher: it's not as useful
[13:28] G STAR ANDRE: like i said i have changed that
[13:28] G STAR ANDRE: so it can on mine
[13:28] G STAR ANDRE: its a mce
[13:28] gruntmasher: that's awesome
[13:28] gruntmasher: what program did you use?
[13:29] G STAR ANDRE: i will show u on my other pc
[13:29] G STAR ANDRE: its on that
[13:29] gruntmasher: ok
[13:29] gruntmasher: so...
[13:29] gruntmasher: wanna play some games?
[13:29] G STAR ANDRE: merci
[13:30] gruntmasher: what does that mean lol
[13:30] gruntmasher: oh btw, what monitor you running?
[13:31] G STAR ANDRE: 19 ulttra sharp 6ms high speed dvi d with ultra high contrast and brighness
[13:31] gruntmasher: :'-(
[13:31] gruntmasher: beautiful
[13:32] gruntmasher: good choice
[13:32] G STAR ANDRE: over 2000 my dad spent and when i hear peopel say its not as good as so and so
[13:32] G STAR ANDRE: i get mad thats why
[13:32] gruntmasher: don't get me wrong, it's very good
[13:32] gruntmasher: i just like AMD better
[13:32] gruntmasher: that's all i would change
[13:32] gruntmasher: how much ram you have?
[13:32] gruntmasher: 2GB?
[13:33] G STAR ANDRE: yes
[13:33] gruntmasher: nice
[13:33] gruntmasher: you're ready for vista
[13:33] G STAR ANDRE: high speed low latency thing and so on
[13:33] G STAR ANDRE: u only need 512
[13:33] gruntmasher: yea, but that'll be minimum
[13:33] G STAR ANDRE: no256 is but they say 512
[13:33] gruntmasher: 2GB should be good
[13:34] G STAR ANDRE: dual channel it is
[13:34] gruntmasher: yea
[13:34] G STAR ANDRE: so if u think u know about comps
[13:34] gruntmasher: lol
[13:34] G STAR ANDRE: whats the best hardrive to get
[13:34] gruntmasher: well i'd say a 10000 rpm
[13:34] gruntmasher: 16mb cache
[13:34] G STAR ANDRE: half right
[13:34] G STAR ANDRE: what if i want a 500 or 1tb
[13:34] gruntmasher: are there 1500 rpms out yet?
[13:35] G STAR ANDRE: yes
[13:35] gruntmasher: well than you just get a 7200 rpm, 250gn
[13:35] gruntmasher: GB*
[13:35] gruntmasher: get a bunch of those
[13:35] G STAR ANDRE: wrong
[13:35] G STAR ANDRE: what if i want pure speed
[13:35] G STAR ANDRE: what shuld i get
[13:36] gruntmasher: i don't know.. lol i do'nt research hard drives much
[13:36] gruntmasher: more video cards, ram, processors, motherboards
[13:36] G STAR ANDRE: much to learn
[13:36] gruntmasher: lol
[13:36] G STAR ANDRE: whats do i need if i want fast speed cpu
[13:37] gruntmasher: you need a fast CPU lol
[13:37] gruntmasher: go AMD
[13:37] G STAR ANDRE: wrong
[13:37] G STAR ANDRE: its intel
[13:37] gruntmasher: LOL
[13:37] gruntmasher: ur kiding
[13:37] G STAR ANDRE: amd dont do dual core x2
[13:37] gruntmasher: yes AMD has the best dual core
[13:37] G STAR ANDRE: wrong
[13:37] gruntmasher: ?
[13:38] G STAR ANDRE: amd and intel to you have dual core. what i know is that amd dont do 2 dual core. as in i have a dual core but not 2 of them. so in total i have 4. intel does that
[13:38] G STAR ANDRE: costs over 2000
[13:38] gruntmasher: interesting
[13:38] gruntmasher: like quad core
[13:38] gruntmasher: ?
[13:39] G STAR ANDRE: yes just like apple did
[13:39] gruntmasher: hmm, i didn't know that was out yet lol
[13:39] gruntmasher: i read an article on that
[13:39] gruntmasher: but i thought it wasn't out yet
[13:39] G STAR ANDRE: it is
[13:39] G STAR ANDRE: and dell does it
[13:39] gruntmasher: nice
[13:39] G STAR ANDRE: do u know what raid is
[13:39] gruntmasher: yea, it's that hard drive thing
[13:40] gruntmasher: isn't it where windows sees just one hard drive, even if you have multiple ones
[13:40] G STAR ANDRE: yes it faster than 10000
[13:40] G STAR ANDRE: i have that
[13:40] gruntmasher: sweet
[13:40] gruntmasher: you've got a nice rig my friend
[13:40] gruntmasher: hey sorry for bashing it
[13:40] gruntmasher: i guess my AMD fanboy side of me let loose
[13:40] gruntmasher: sorry
[13:40] gruntmasher: you do have a top of the line pc
[13:40] gruntmasher: i just prefer AMD
[13:41] G STAR ANDRE: im not done yet
[13:41] gruntmasher: lol
[13:41] G STAR ANDRE: whats the best speed ram
[13:41] gruntmasher: do you want speed or latency
[13:41] G STAR ANDRE: speed in mhz
[13:41] gruntmasher: DDR2 sacrifices low latency for higher speed
[13:41] gruntmasher: but DDR has lower latency and lower speed
[13:41] gruntmasher: its' a trade off
[13:42] G STAR ANDRE: yes i have ddr2 with the speed of 662 i think the number is but its the 66 something one with extra low latency
[13:42] G STAR ANDRE: amd cant do that
[13:42] G STAR ANDRE: more spped for intel machines
[13:42] gruntmasher: AMD is giong to do it this summer, with their socket M2 processors
[13:42] gruntmasher: DDR2 isn't that great
[13:42] gruntmasher: DDR3 will be better
[13:42] gruntmasher: it's coming out sometime
[13:43] G STAR ANDRE: but its not wide use
[13:43] G STAR ANDRE: so it wont catch on
[13:43] G STAR ANDRE: why do u think intel is number 1
[13:44] gruntmasher: because they advertise like crazy, it's more known to the everyday person, and they trick you with their speed, like for instance an Intel 3.2ghz single core processor is the same as my 2.2ghz AMD processor
[13:44] gruntmasher: that's what the 3200+ is for
[13:44] gruntmasher: it means that it performs at 3.2ghz intel or better
[13:44] G STAR ANDRE: close but no
[13:45] gruntmasher: ...
[13:45] G STAR ANDRE: they do a wider range with better use for people
[13:45] G STAR ANDRE: the number 1 pcs sold in the world is labtops
[13:45] G STAR ANDRE: and intel are number 1 in that for power and battery use
[13:45] G STAR ANDRE: amd cant do that
[13:45] G STAR ANDRE: or well dont
[13:46] gruntmasher: yea
[13:46] gruntmasher: but Dell might be going AMD
[13:46] gruntmasher: AMD is winning
[13:46] gruntmasher: everybody know sit
[13:46] gruntmasher: except you
[13:46] gruntmasher: lol
[13:46] G STAR ANDRE: they said it but not done it
[13:46] gruntmasher: well that could be the future
[13:47] G STAR ANDRE: right now amd as a single cpu is better than intel but once u have a comp with intel cpu u can change that. like i have done
[13:47] G STAR ANDRE: thats why windows recomends intel

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This is an argument i had with my friend. He bought a Dell XPS and thinks Intel rules and stuff like that. Is the crap he's ranting about correct, or am I the only one who thinks it's BS. Just thought you guys would be interested.

AMD 64 3200+ Newcastle@ 2.2Ghz
1GB (1x1GB) OCZ Performance Series
ATI X700 Pro 256MB OC\'d 475/525
OCZ Modstream 520W
Thermaltake Tsunami
Samsung 914v 19\" 12ms LCD
SB X-Fi w/ Logitech Z 5300e
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We all know that Intel isn't the best in gameing, unless your playing like age of ampires, AMD is the SHIZNAZ, I i just ogt my slef a FX-57 and it runs hella good.

I have never had a lag so far, it's also not OC, caz i don't wana burn up a 500$ CPU.

The point is that AMD IS better then intel.
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lol, thats great. I may not know too much about computers but i can see some stuff in there thats total BS.
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lol thanks for the sn...time to BASH! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
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I have a friend who is just like that. Thinking that the dell XPS is the worlds best computer next to an alienware. I showed him a custom built computer for the same price as the XPS that was even better and he shut up. Show your friend some benchmarks of his XPS and a similar AMD setup. That might quiet him.
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Default That's n00bism at it's finest, it is...

[13:47] G STAR ANDRE: thats why windows recomends intel
I thought it was the other way around...?

Debian Support Forums!
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wtf is he talking about here is the longest most detailed article about AMD dual core CPUs and Intel Dual core CPUs

this takes a hella long time to read but it tels everytinh that intel does wrong with dual core including the north bridge thing. and explain to your friend that the 3200+ in your athlon or whatever you have does mean that an Athlon 64 3200+ is the equal or better than an intel 3.2ghz
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wait, i don't remember dell putting 2 processors in the xps, just one single pentium D or whatever... and oh well, you can have the right to say you spent a **** of a lot less money than he did
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I can't believe I've seen the word 'hella' in here twice............that word died out years ago! IT SHOULDA NEVER EXISTED!

Sorry for the rant and going off on something else besides the topic, but that's the most ignorant word ever conceived.

Your conversation is way the **** too long to read though so I only got part way down

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