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Old 02-23-2007, 07:00 AM   #81 (permalink)
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man amd keeps changing their sockets, how are we ever to upgrade to the latest and greatest, like our socket 759 it's still here 2 years later, and i can upgrade to a quad-core when i get my core 2 duo back

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Just a share...

1. If you have PC that still serves you well, be contented. Be happy ^_^ Upgrade only. Spend wise.

2. If building a new PC, consider the price point and performance. Latest doesn't mean it is also the greatest.

Even though it seems Ive been left by the tide of technology (Im still using FX-60 939 setup and still it works well), Im always contented with my AMD setup. Even though I could be easily beaten up by the C2Ds benchmarks, what matters most is how well your PC serves you in a long period of time.

Those rich kids probably dont face these kinds of decision making in setting up a system, upgrading or replacement. Whenever a new CPU or PC part comes out, they need to have it.

But for ordinary consumer like me, Id like to be more money wise. Not the latest but serves the greatest.

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Originally posted by vernong1992
man amd keeps changing their sockets, how are we ever to upgrade to the latest and greatest, like our socket 759 it's still here 2 years later, and i can upgrade to a quad-core when i get my core 2 duo back
umm, AM2+ amd AM3 CPU's wil still work in AM2/AM2+
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For those who are still saying that AMD is better, just wait until April 22 and Intel will kick AMD's ***

The price of E6420 is going to be $183 only !!!

Intel CPU's doesn't only perform better than AMD but they consume less power, produce less heat and they are more overclockable. So, there is no reason for anyone to get AMD over intel (unless you are an AMD fanboy)
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oh geeze.... intel is just a dirty dirty whore!!!
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Originally posted by BennyV04988
oh geeze.... intel is just a dirty dirty whore!!!
Right now its true, and it kinda worries me, im hoping AMD catches up quick, and just so you know im very neutral with the whole thing. If AMD gets put in a headlock... near monopoly, say goodbye to competitive pricing. I hope AMD can come back with something soon, it looks a bit bleak, but i hope they REALLY come back into contention here.
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Old 02-24-2007, 01:01 AM   #88 (permalink)
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Bah so the E6300 and 6400 will be no more then. That's ok as they will go down in history as one of if not the Greatest overclocking chip ever released. I'll feel like I have an old chip then haha but no matter, the extra 2mb cache still doesn't help that much.

AMD will find it's way back into the competition but you have to is sure being smart about everything.
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second, yes it is because they are saying its like a 6000mhz chip and the 4200 is like saying they have a 4.2ghz chip when its only runing at 2 something. so again thank you for once again proving you dont know the topic and again its to say what there chip is "like"

What about the Intel E4300, E6300, E6600? SO, what your saying is AMD is having 'false clock speeds' because they have a model number of 4200+, 5200+, 6000+ is like having 4.2Ghz, 5.2Ghz, and 6Ghz (According to you). That means the E4300 has 4.3Ghz, the E6300 has 6.3Ghz, and the E6600 has 6.6Ghz? (Based on what you said about AMD's 'False Clock Speeds')
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I was a Intel Fan, then AMD fan. Now Intel fan again casue of C2D's

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