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Default Re: AMD or Intel, pulling the trigger

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
Totally missed the point I was making towards Steve. The game has that much usage, but when overclocked it gives no performance benefits. Means the game really isn't CPU bound at all, although the game itself is resource inflated from Ubisoft so not really the best description.
LOL.... Please shut up already I had enough of beating around the bush with you today. :|

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
My biggest deal here is the guy has a 75 dollar chip that can perform like a 300 dollar one and anybody screaming AMD shouldn't be. Why make him buy into a dead platform? The 8350 is slower than his upgrade options for socket 1150 already, and while overclocked can perform better than the 8350 he can't afford anyways. That's been my deal this whole time. This whole thread was junked due to a stupid AMD vs Intel war for no reason. The absolute best option for him and his budget was what I specified.
Get your facts right again before going off the deep end.

#1 please state to all members here how this turn into a amd vs intel war ?
No one here even started that, everyone gave an opinion we're all good for it.

#2 Please explain to me personally how a amd 8350 cam einto the picture ? o0
I linked a amd hexacore and its quite good and affordable I don't know how in the hell you got all that mixed up.

#3. Go read dauntes last post about amd and intel, he said both are good but intel has a good uprade path for now.

That maybe true but amd am3+ could hold anyone to the floor if their needs are being met and they're willing to give it a try.
I had my chip for almost 3 years and I don't have the need to upgrade for what it does.
Though I do plan on selling it in september and get a hexacore so I can fold this winter and work/game like a maniac too.

After this I don't care what happens next, glad mud got his system.

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Default Re: AMD or Intel, pulling the trigger

Beating around the bush? Wtf are you talking about. Actually, that part of the conversation was directed towards Steve and had nothing to do with you. Games aren't held back by modern CPUs at all. AMD or Intel alike.

Continuous back and forth banter starting with Joe's post after the OP had purchased his Intel setup already.

Well firstly, my argument in its entirety remains on the fact that his initial purchase when overclocked can perform on par to an i7 in gaming. Then if he actually needed to later could upgrade to an i5 if he wishes. Absolutely no reason to spend more than his budget permitted for an inferior platform that will not perform as good as the items he purchased while only limiting himself to the 8350 as his best upgrade option. Literally, as in the 8350 is the best AMD chip you can buy. The 9000 chips are simply an 8350 overclocked.
The 8350 got brought up again with Joe's link comparing the 9590 and the 4960x, which again is a retarded comparison. The 9590 is nothing but an overpriced preoverclocked 8350 that has only one board that properly and officially supports the 220w TDP. That board is also over 200 bucks. For that price you could have an i5 4670k and a good Z97 board. Better chip, better board. For the sake of argument on the link he provided, it's completely irrelevant because when we look at the socket 2011 chips we don't think "gaming". It's not a budget setup at all. Does it surprise anybody that a 5GHz overclocked AMD processor can keep up with the last gen stock Intel chip? No, not at all. It's 5GHz vs 3.4GHz in predominantly single threaded tasks. I would hope it would at least keep up, but with all the clocks and requirements, heat put off, and power consumed it didn't exactly beat the Intel either. Enough of that though, all of that is extremely irrelevant to the thread.

Finally on that topic, Joe was arguing at first backwards compatibility. Well, it's not like he would get an FX then go backwards to an Athlon II or something so not really relevant either. How about IF, and I mean a big IF, AMD makes a new dedicated CPU? It's going to be a new architecture and will use DDR4 meaning current boards won't work. Leaving the 8350 his best choice for any AMD platform. That is where 8350 comes from.

Exactly as I was stating. THE WHOLE TIME. The Intel rig I listed was firstly within his budget, can be overclocked to mimik i7 performance in gaming, and has a better upgrade path. Literally all of this thread could have been avoided but there are always those who want to blindly defend for no reason.

That being said, I'll say it again. You want to use AMD? Fine. I don't really care. I mean anybody who posts, future or present members. I will state my opinion whether you should stick with the AMD setup chosen or not. It's not like I tell everybody AMD is for the devil. There are a few incidents where an AMD setup was the better option. Just don't turn it into a stupid back and forth useless banter for no reason. The Intel setup here was clearly the ideal candidate and you even mentioned that in your last post hence why I said before "end of discussion". The guy bought his **** already, drop it.

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Default Re: AMD or Intel, pulling the trigger

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
...... The guy bought his **** already, drop it.
I did and im happy with my choice, love you guys

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