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Question Advice for a new build looking to the future

Hello all,

I'm going to be building a new computer this summer. I am looking to spend around $1000 to do it, hopefully not to much over that.

So far I'm definitely going with DDR2 since its going to be the new line, and hopefully will leave room for upgrades in the future. I realize I can get faster DDR400 for the same price, but a mobo with ddr400 won’t last me very long.

I am going to just go with a 32bit OS untill Vista comes out (and causes me to get a dx10 graphics card and probably a physics chip and 8gigs of ram).

I am probably going to go with a nvidia7900gt unless someone has a fairly convincing argument for ATI, which I haven’t seen yet on this forum. Which will be pci-e16 but I figure I might as well get a SLI capable mobo just incase I cave in and get another card.

The main problem I'm having is getting my mind around dual core. I mean I don’t do a lot of multi tasking while gaming. After reading extensively about the processors out there I've come across vague arguments for both sides. I figure a faster single processor would be best for a game, but a lot of people recommend the dual cores.

For the sake of life span I am probably going with an AM2 socket, or I could wait for the new cheaper lintels to come out in July because I don’t see any point in getting a 939 amd if they are going to be phased out.

So my main question is which processor to go with, I would like to keep my price around $400 so I'm thinking:

AMD x64 3800+ ish (AM2)
AMD x64 X2 4200 ish (AM2)

conroe E6600
INTEL PD 940ish

I think those are all in my range, and support DDR2, but they all have different cache sizes witch is a little irritating. I mean it seems that the AM2 processors dropped from 1m or 2m caches on the 939 socket to around 512 on the AM2 socket. Having zero experience with high end AMD processors I don’t know how much that has an effect on it.

So... would it be better to get a 512 cache AMD 4200 or a 1m 3800 (both x64 X2's)?

I'm really just building this computer for gaming and school work. I basically want to play Darkfall online without hardware lag and hopefully be able to run Vista.

Any advice would be much appreciated I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the small things in these midrange processors.


P.S. Does it still matter what mobo you get brand wise? A few years ago when I was building computers I was having some mobo/cpu combo's that were more compatible than others.

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Well conroe will be the best bet if you want the most for your money, the e6600 will be $316 and mobo's will be released in the upcoming future with the release of the chip. They're are countless comparisons with real benches on showing that the e6600 is better than the AMD's FX-62 (there best chip) at 1/4th the cost. I too was looking to build an amd system this summer with an opteron 165 but opted to wait for the next gen chips. I orderd my casing power supply optical drives and hard drives and will build the rest upon conroe's release.


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Default Thanks =)

I was kind of expecting this to be a little more complicated, but I guess I'll just wait till july to get that processor.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated, the link was nice too =)

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