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Default 8800GTX Cooling

Hey all,

So my GPU currently runs @ like 58 idle and maybe around 67 load? I'm not sure about the load cause I am just trying to recall the normal temp I see when I alt tab out of games, but right now my comp is sitting on 58 without doing anything cept aero interface and gran paradiso!

Wondering, if I got a cooler for it would it increase its performance or would it just be cooler and better for the card. oh, XFX 8800GTX btw, non overclocked. I am so friken scared, no way would I overclock that baby, lol.

If it would increase the performance, how much by? And which do you suggest.

Thanks all,


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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

If u wanna try cool it more, id firstly download Rivatuner and up the GPU fan speed. From what ive read your normal op. temp is about right, however ive read alot that says 8800s run hotter than need be, obviously the lower the temperature the healthier ur card will remain, here's a bit of info.


I dont think that beeing cooler will increase performance, however it is safer.

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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling


Adding a cooler could potentially increase performance, only if you overclocked really....cus then you could OC w/o the card overheating as quickly. Anyways, the stock coolers/heatsinks that come with the 8800gtx are pretty sold (and as of now theres only 1 cooler out thatre compatable w/ GTX's [and its only a heatsink so you'd have to buy a 92mm fan too]) BUT, heres what you do (and save you some money too):

1) take the gtx out of the case
2) unmount the stock cooler
3) get a cuetip and gently remove any grease on the gpu
4) buy: Newegg.com - ARCTIC COOLING MX-1 Thermal Compound - Retail

(or see the battle of the thermal pastes thread: http://www.techist.com/forums/f76/ba...pastes-144331/)
5) apply the thermal paste to the gpu, put the cooler back on.

That should drop your load temp somewhat and prolly keep your idle temp the same, maybe a little less.

In terms of an aftermarket cooler, by the time you get everything you need to get its about $60-80, and a hassle to install and would probably only lower the temp a few more degrees than some thermal paste.

Anyways, hope this helps.

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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

( Also have problems with 8800 GTX cooling )

Well right now ntune says I got 68-72 degrees idle, and god knows how much during load ( crashes during Benchmark 2006 first test when the cylinder hits the floor and smoke comes out )
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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

the 8800 series tends to run pretty hot in general, so thats nothing to really worry about.
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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

i like riznarf's idea, cept i would use a coffee filter instead of a q-tip. coffee filters dont leave ANY lint.
but, great idea riznarf, that should definitely lower his temps.
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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

Originally Posted by funkywaggnelz View Post
the 8800 series tends to run pretty hot in general, so thats nothing to really worry about.
ya their load temps are in the high 80's sometimes... so what i recommend is gettng a good case with good airflow to cool the case, a case i recommend is the antec 900, because u can add a fan for additional CPU and GPU cooling..
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Default Re: 8800GTX Cooling

mine was at 58 idle then 79 load then i put as5 on it and its now 53 idle and 76 load but its o/c further.

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