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Default 7800GT vs 6800Ultra vs 7600GT: $$$ matters too

Ok, I have limited funds for a new graphics, and my utter tops is just under 300 dollars, although that is pushing it severly.

so far, I have three contenders:


6800 ultra


the 7600 has the clock speeds by far, but the other two have the pixel pipeline edge.

I have a SLI mobo, so ATI is outta the question.

note on SLI: must the two cards be identical, or can I pair a 6800 with a say 6600?

thanks. any more imput on graphics would be appreciated too.

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Nope, the cards have to be identical, as in same model, same brand, same everything.

Go with the 7800GT.


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Or look into ATI as it will work fine on a nvidia chipset motherboard. My 7800gt is flawless, well worth the money IMO. There is no point going for the 6800ultra, you could save the money and go for the gt.

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The 7800GT is by far the best out of all of those. But isn't the 7900GT about the same price as the 7800GT? If you can afford the 7900GT which is I think abou the same price, that would be a lot better than any of those.
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The 7800GT is the best of those three.

I don't know how good the biostar version of it is. I would go with an eVGA one.
Unfortunately newegg doesn't have these any more, so mwave is on of the best options to buy from. I have this card and it is amazing. Great performance for the price.

The 7900GT is worth the extra few bucks over the 7800GT, but if you cannot go over a budget, and the 7900 is out of it, get the card I linked. ^^^^
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7800 GT
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Originally posted by macdude425
Nope, the cards have to be identical, as in same model, same brand, same everything.

Go with the 7800GT.
With the new drivers, they just have to be the same chip, doesn't matter the brand or anything. any 7900gt can be used with another 7900gt
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7800GT will perform the best of those, but the 7600GT is a much better choice for $180.
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Ok, so I'll get the 7800GT. Do you think in about three months prices Ill be able to get a 7800GT cheaper, because what I'm going to do is buy everything but the graphics, and use my (ugh old) fx5500 until I have money for a good graphics card.

The evga 7800gt http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130249

is 45 bucks or so more than the biostar one:

and also the evga shows highter core and memory clocks.

is that why the biostar is cheaper, its just less powerful, or is the evga just pre-OC'd?

also, it seems the 7600gt has a way higher clock speed(s) than the 7800gt, why? but the extra pixel pipelines are what really matters, correct?

thank you.
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If you really want to stay under $300, I'd go for the 7600. For about $300, get a 7900 GT. Has the performance of a 7800 GTX for the price of a GT.

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