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Default 7800GT SLI worth it?

I currently have one 7800GT and am considering going SLI. Do you think SLI'ed 7800GTs are really worth it? Looking at benchmarks, there are only a handful of games that SLI does that much good on, but in the future, this may very well change, especially with UT2007 based games comming.

Also, do the cards have to be the same brand?

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Yeah they have to be the same brand. SLi has a very poor cost-performance ratio, so most people will say no its not worth it.

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By the time UT2007 comes out, I would say sell your 7800GT and buy the nvidia g71 if you are so eager to dish out money. Your 7800GT will not play the game at max, or near max.
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Only worth it if the prices drop significantly.
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The demands of UT2007 keep making me rethink whether i want to continue PC gaming. You are going to need a G80 level card, dual core CPU, and an Ageia PhysX processor to play it even half-way decent. Think FEAR but on a much larger scale, because much less people will have the hardware needed to play it.
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Originally posted by Vybuni
Only worth it if the prices drop significantly.

That's what i say too

Why pay double the price for card's when you only get a 30 to 40 % increase in performance
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Well I'm getting a SLI ready PC, I don't know if I am going to go SLI but I just wanted my PC to be capabable of doing that, besides the mobo is only 30 or 40 bucks more. I am getting a 7800GT and was thinking about getting another this summer for UT2007, hopefully by then the prices would go down to around 200 dollars. I would like to get the G71 but most likely it would be going for 600+ dollars, and I don't have the green.

I would say don't get it now untill you really need it because you would save money and a lot more games will be configured for SLI Unreal Engine 3 in particular. I just think SLI was to ahead of it's time when it first came out but that will probably change this year.
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Guys, do a little research or think twice before you post idiot comments about the UT2007 requirements... You WILL NOT need a dual core Phynx cpuy with sli g80 gpu, 2gb ram, etc to runt his game maxed out. Take a look for yourselves :


When they talk about minimum specs, they are talking about minimum specs for HIGH frame rates, not the bare minimum specs...

No more **** about UT2007 requirements, im tired of it.
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agreed with U-Toast.
the minimum will be a Radeon 9700, and it is recommended to have a 6800. a 7800 GT will run it fine.
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Probably the only reason I'd consider SLI is for the good framerate gain u get for the high resolutions.

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