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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

Originally Posted by Twizted_3kgt View Post
You're right, holy ****. Used to front page stuff being from today. Early morning > me.
I kinda noticed that lately, its been doing that.. odd...

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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

Originally Posted by vernong1992 View Post
you bumped a nearly month old thread... he's probably already bought one by now...
Fortunately, the info here is actually useful to someone other than the original poster!

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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

Well depends on the PSU look at my sig I had that PSU since November 2005, I even overclocked my CPU and video card at the same time without a single problem oh and I forgot to said that I have about 6 fans which 4 of them have lights.
I'm not saying all PSU can handle that especially cheaper ones but it depends of quality and of course that it manage to put the amount of power that the specification say it have is not just watts.
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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

in the future our computers will be just one chip like a cpu and itl plug into a socket in the wall, and will stream everythign wirrelessly to your mouse keyboard and monitors and will be infenitlyy powerfull to the point you will never need to upgrade, thats the future i wana live in.
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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

there's still gaming, operating systems, audio, and hot deals
and hopefully overclocking
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Default Re: is 400W enough for a 8600GT Card

Originally Posted by vernong1992 View Post
lmao.. he's using a Case PSU, thats a huge NO NO in PC World...


The Power Source is the most common part that people spend too much on. With all the ad's in magazines and online about "1000w rated PSU's for the high-performance PC! many people have got the wrong impression of what they need to power their system with ease. The most IMPORTANT thing to note about power supplies are that how much power a system needs is in no way the amount of "watts" rated. For most PC's these days what you should be looking at is the amount of Amps rated on the 12v rails. The components that draw the most power on your system use the power on the 12V rails. CPU's, and Video cards draw power from the 12V alone and just those two can easily hit well over 300w's alone. The other rails don't really worry about too much if you can meet the needs of the 12V's, especially on a gaming PC. When choosing a power source you should find out how many amps combined it has the on the 12's first, and on PSU's with multiple rails you cannot simply just add the amps up on both rails as it's nowhere that simple of a process. Most of the better quality trusted PSU's will tell you on the side label or in the specs the actual amperage the 12V rails give off. So then before you even starting looking for a PSU that will work for your needs, you must then know how many amps you need to safely power your system right? To find out this the only thing I can really tell you is to research how many your system will actually need. I will tell you now though that most likely the total your system will need will be a LOT less than that of what the really expensive PSUs have. A Quad-Core system at around 3.6ghz with an 8800Ultra heavily overclocked, a couple hard drives, and a couple optical drives will easily run on a trusted PSU that is rated around 40amps if not less. The Corsair 5500VX has a combined total of 41amps on the 12V's and can be had for only $100 bucks at the moment which is quite a cheap PSU compared to how expensive the other parts are right? This is just simply because people don't really realize how little power their systems actually need to run smoothly and safely. The average system will NOT need a very expensive power supply to run everything well. There are a few budget yet trusted power supplies that can be had for around $50 that will power the majority of gaming systems safely. The reason why there are all these expensive PSU's out there costing so much is quoted by B1gapl "most people usually go the "better to be safe, than sorry" method, with choosing power supplies.....but what they don't know, is that the safe bar is much lower, than it is"
If you are looking to maximize the performance in a build then the power supply is something you want to research a lot. I do want to stress the fact though that if you buy a cheaper PSU make sure you know which are "trusted" power sources so you don't fry your system. I may be telling you to look into cheaper PSU's but I am in no way telling you to look into cheaper quality ones. There is a HUGE difference in the two."

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