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Default 20" vs. 22" lcd - better gaming option

Hey everyone.

I'm looking to upgrade my 17" lcd monitor. As of now I've am looking at widescreen models around the $300 range. After looking at several models my questions are the following:

Is there a significant difference between a 20", 20.1", and 22" lcd in terms of performance or quality? Will my image suffer from stretching a native 1600 x 1050 to 22"? Any recommendations on monitors?

The current models I am looking at are:

Acer 22" widescreen

Samsung 20" widescreen

Chimei 22" widescreen

I have a pretty new rig so I should be able to play games a good clip:

Core 2 Duo E6600
NVidia 8800GTX
2mb DDR800 RAM
650 GB 7200 RPM HD

Lastly, an unrelated question, anyone have any recommendations on a good webcam?

Thanks much!

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Acer or Chimei, The only thing people have to complain about either of those two is minor light bleeding from the back. Personally I'd go with the Acer because of it's looks and it's basically the same monitor as the Chimei.


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My computer runs Fear at 1680x1050, that's native for my 22" Widescreen Samsung. Your computer is a lot faster so I'm sure you'll be just fine. I'd recommend getting the 22", I was look at 20" models but I decided to spoil myself (student aid check came ) and go for the 22" Samsung 226bw and I absolutely love it. It's more expensive that the Acer and the Chimei but it's much higher quality and the specs are soooo much nicer.
The Acer I've seen at my work and I'm just not a big fan of it. Good price for it's size but the image quality just isn't what I want out of a monitor that big, plus there's some noticeable backlight bleedthrough.
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Old 02-09-2007, 06:39 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Since you've got a 17" it's good comparison material. A 20" will display all pixels just as small as you see now, except there's more of them (hence the bigger size). A 22" shows just as many pixels as a 20" does, but it's bigger. Result? The pixels are displayed bigger.

Think for yourself if you're comfortable about your position from your screen and the size of the fonts, icons, bars, etc. when you're running 1280x1024 on your 17". If you think it's just fine, a 20" might be the best option. If you wouldn't mind the pixels being a little bigger, a 22" would be a bigger screen for relatively little money extra. I personally prefer 22" because I'm short sighted and I like the pixel map being a bit larger.

A widescreen monitor usually won't stretch unless you instruct it to. If it can't run a widescreen resolution, it can add black bars on the sides.

Oh, and Samsung monitors are great to go by. They're the biggest thing in Europe.
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Thanks. Thats very helpful. I do have a follow up question though. Can anyone tell me where to find the Samsung 206BW monitor (20" Widescreen). Its a bit more reasonably priced vs. the 226BW but I can't seem to find any locations that sell it. Also, does anyone know anything about this monitor?
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for gaming? 20 inch is the obvious choice. Much sharper picture
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bah, i've seen games on 20,21, and 22... go for 22... and as for sharper image.. you've got a gtx... just turn on the 16x QAA and transparent AA along with Super Sampling and 16x AF... and it'll be all gravy

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