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Default 2.8GHZ beat by a 900MHz

I have a custom built computer witha a 2.8 GHZ P4, 1.25 Gigs of DDR RAM, a 80 SATA hard drive and a 256 mb video card. The OS is windows XP pro fresh installed with all updates and all drivers. On a cold start or restart I get beat to the desktop by a Compaq with a AMD 900 mhz, with 256 MB ram and a 40 gig IDE hard drive. My computer doesn't seem to run any faster than the Compaq. Is there something wrong with mine? Could there be a bad or incompatable piece of hardware?

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well we all know somthing is obviously wrong


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Originally posted by Lord AnthraX


well we all know somthing is obviously wrong
How very helpful you are.

I would check you startup programs (run > msconfig) and make sure nothing out of the ordinary is running.
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boot speed largly depends on the BIOS, and the hard drive speed. Having a lot of programs will also do it.
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wonder how full your hd is.
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I have windows xp and C&C generals installed, thats ALL. New hard drive with fresh install. No programs running in start menu.
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Used to happen to me too.

On my 3200+ @ 2.6 w/1GB RAM, I got beat to the login screen by a 1.0Ghz Pentium III with 384MB RAM.
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yea, my s754 gives my pc in my sig a run for it's money startin' up as well.

i think it's just mobo stuff going on.
my sig computer will hang for a second verifying the DMI and backing up the CMOS

as well. make sure your first boot is your HD, not Floppy, CD, HD as that takes off time as well.

i actualy think though my s754 w/ server 2003 actualy beat my x2 when i had 2K loaded on....though 2K does a lot of networking stuff before the login' screen.
as well, AD is not loaded on server.
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Me and my friend had that happen as well. Me, him, and our gfs where having a mini LAN. The favorite thing to play is Battle For Middle Earth. Well his machine is a S754 3200+ 2gig of ram, mine, X2 3800+ 2gig of ram, my gfs, 2500+ AthlonXP gig of ram, his gfs, Compag laptop w/ Intel Celeron M 2.4ghz, 512mb of ram. Ok so were at the loading screen where you can see everybodies loading percent. Mine usualy gets there first, then his, then my gfs. Well not this time. His gfs got to about 20% and stopped, mine was at about 60%, his 55%, and my gfs 48%. In like half a second his gfs laptop shot straight to 100% and left us in the dust. Dont know why that is either.
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After I get to the desktop, it still doesn't run like a 2.8 w/1.25 gb ram. It should smoke a setup half that powerful no matter what hard drive is in there. Can it be a problem with the mobo or cpu or power supply? Every thing else has been replaced at one time or another. It just doesn't seema s fast as it used too(hince the reason for the new hard drive). I have a remedy though, I ordered the parts for a P4 3.0 Presler dual core, 1 Gb DDR2, and a gigabyte mobo with SATA II support and a X1300pro 256 mb video card, maybe that will help the problem.

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