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Old 11-18-2006, 02:53 AM   #11 (permalink)
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i think keyser was harrasing me yesterday

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Intel, these new conners are amazing... got one myself but i had to fit it with the AC freezer 7 pro to cool it down from 50c.

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I think im gonna go with intel mb's are expensive though. might have to get a weak videocard

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for 1000 bucks i think you could build a nice core 2 rig...



RAM (this should work great if your not over clocking)

Graphics (since your a light gamer this will work very well)



Sound Card


Shipping ~ $30

if my math is correct it should come out to around $1050 before some rebates
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Conroe if you can afford it. Yes, the core 2 duos outperform even AMD's top models. But for "light gaming" you don't necessarily need a conroe. You could build a light gaming machine with an AMD in it for about 700, save alot of money and still get the performance that you're looking for. The AMD single cores are still around as an option to people who don't need the very edge of technology right now. Most of the games you guys are playing you could get by with on a single core 3800. I don't like seeing people completely trash AMD like that. Sure they're not in the lead right now, but that doesn't mean they don't make quality processors. Try and see both sides of it, I'm by no means biased towards either of them. In the end, he could save alot of money and have more left over for a great video card, instead of a get me by, by building a mid range AMD machine rather than springing for the latest in everything. That may not be what the person desires but it's certainly a good option so please stop all the trash talking on AMD.

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Old 11-18-2006, 11:10 AM   #16 (permalink)
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For $1000 i would go for a core2duo. Don't suggest the slower processor, when their budget can easily fit the faster one. I really wanted to go with AMD, but right as I was choosing my parts the core2duo came out, and it was simply better. AMD will probably overtake intel when their quad cores come out, because intels is basically just 2 core2duos on the same chip. But for a thousand dollars you can build a nice machine, so shoot for the best.
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Originally posted by keyser09
let me tell you something amd overclocks better are in themelves better for the price and wait till quad core then u can u kno what my u know what
amd doesnt overclock better.. i've never had a 1.2 ghz overclock on an amd.. most i've had was 1.0 ghz.. and it wasnt even stable.. and that was at 1.6v.. which is insanely high...

i've owned 3 amd's, a 3500, 3800x2 and opteron 146... don't get me wrong, i've loved them all, and they were all great cpu's... but they don't come anywhere near competing with the intel core 2 duo's...
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Originally posted by M733mhz
But for "light gaming" you don't necessarily need a conroe.
True, but since they are cheap, why not get one?
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I was suggesting that to possibly save money on uneeded power. In the end it's up to the poster to decide what parts they want in their rig, not me, I was simply putting in my 2 cents.

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Dude you guys dont get it intel and amd will both continue to outdo eachother!!!unless one buys out the other they'll compete forever!which is good for us as they have to compete for our money you understand now?

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