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Thats pretty cool, but since im not 18 i cant do that. I aslo dont have a business.

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Originally posted by P.P. Mguire
Thats pretty cool, but since im not 18 I cant do that. I also dont have a business.
Haha, that pretty much says it for the rest of us too.

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Default Re: 1 Kilowatt PSU

Originally posted by AND_YOU_ARE
1 Kilowatt PSU

Has any one seen this power supply? They advertise it as a one KW PSU, but the amps arent that high:

+3.3v @ 30A
+5v @ 30A
+12v1 @ 16A
+12v2 @ 16A
+12v3 @ 36A
-12v @ 0.8A
+5vsb @ 4.0A

Antec True Power II 550

+3.3V @ 32.0A
+5V @ 40A
+12V1 @ 19A
+12V2 @ 19A
+5V SB @ 2.0A
-12V @ 1.0A

Personaly I would trust the Antec over this other company that no one has heard of. For 550w, the antec seems to have just as many amps on each rail. Is it really anything to be impressed about? I dont think so. What do you think?
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When it comes to my hardware buying habits, i try to get the cheapest stuff that has the best performance to cost ratio.

Aslong as it gets the job done for ATLEAST 3-4 years, I'm happy. But computer parts are designed to last a long time, and with prices of hardware falling fast, I don't really see a problem in the future with higher prices as newer technologies will exist and prices will continue to plummet. My old computers PSU was $20 and it last me a solid 5 years with the occasional reoiling of the PSU Fan.

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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: 1 Kilowatt PSU

Originally posted by Flanker
You use two PSUs to power your system? Have you taken a look at your system lately? That needs something like a single 350W PSU to operate...much less 950W...
Do you see how I have six hard drives in my tower? I also have a 80gb drive in an external case attached by usb. With the fans in there as well I use alot of power. I have hard drive fans on my two sata drives, 8 quiet case fans, and a fan bay controler. I put the fans on one psu, so i can turn the fans off at night and have the system still running. I did try to run this all on the 400w, and i was getting graphic card problem, where the card didnt have enough power, 550w wasnt enough for everything, but it is enough for all the hardware.

I also oc my cpu up a tad from the 2.2ghz equivlant to 3200+. So I find that I need and use the power from both psu's.

If you tell me that with a psu calculator, i shouldnt need these two psu, those calculators are not accurate.

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