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arctic388 04-17-2006 12:36 PM

i'll have to research this 1900. all i have read on and seen good reviews on is the 7900. SLi is what i have read to be the better set-up. although what i've been told and read is the 7900 is awesome just by itself. more stuff to learn. thanks.

zmatt 04-17-2006 02:13 PM

sli really dosent have that big of a performance improvment any way, crossfire boards cost abuot the same as most sli boards and i havent read any bad reveiws about them.

arctic388 04-17-2006 02:38 PM

all the reviews i've seen the performance issue was won by SLi not the Crossfire. at least 4 different souces report that. none i've read so far had the crossfire ahead of SLi. i'll keep reading though. i know things change fast.

zmatt 04-17-2006 04:21 PM

well one on one the X1900 is a superoir card to the 7900GT, so eith card is good, just remeber you need a crossfire compatible mobo for the dual ATIs and an SLI mobo for dual Nvidias. on DX based games ATI wins but its the other way around on OpenGl games.

old_geekster50 04-18-2006 01:01 AM

I don't recommend SLI. You are paying 200% for two cards and will only get about 30% increase in performance if you are lucky.

One GTX will do everything that you need.

aliasaid 04-18-2006 02:17 AM

arctic, you're planning on getting one card or 2 cards?

arctic388 04-18-2006 08:28 AM

just one of the 7900's seems to be plenty. i didnt read the specs on it and just assumed 2 would be ideal. any lower card it is better to run SLi but with the 7900 one is really to much. so it will be one for now unless things change between now and when i buy.

i still havent checked out the 1900, the PC i hae now is having issues i have to figure out so i can research from home. aint supposed to be even on the net at work but.................

thanks for all the suggestions and help, i better get to work.

aliasaid 04-18-2006 09:19 AM

ya one card is good enough.

you were saying SLI is better than crossfire, which is true, but irrelevant to you since you're only going to be using 1 card.

if you compared the 7900gt to x1900xt, the x1900xt is better.

if you eventually some time in the future want to double up your card and run in SLI.. then the 7900gt makes sense. if not, and you have the money, the x1900xt makes sense.

zmatt 04-18-2006 09:31 AM

although you are going for performance, sli is really unecassary, in fact i think it will eventually die out like it did last time when the voodoo cards did it. games just dont take advantage of the hardware so its just extra watts its eating up and etra heat its generating without really justifying itself. but thats my speil, go with the x1900xt you'll be pleased with its performance

arctic388 04-18-2006 10:07 AM

i'll check into this 1900 as soon as i can.

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