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Old 03-12-2006, 11:38 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Will this work?

To summarize:
I am NOT a gamer.
I currently am on an Athlon 800, 15gHDD, Windows ME, so I am styling no matter what.
I want a cool running system
I want a quiet system
I won't OC
I do alot of surfing, burning, scanning, music, word, outlook,spreadsheet
I know everyone is going to try to talk me out of every single thing I have chosen for one reason or another but oh-well. I just enjoy all the diversity here.

I am not sure about:
1)Case & PSU
2)HDD How much do I really need? I like the Seagate but is it to small? I have been getting buy on 15g but that's w/out a DVD drive so...?
3)Video card. I am not a gamer but dont like my mobo choices w/ onboard and want quiet so I went w/ the one listed (heatsink).
I am a bit concerned though that it will create more heat than is warrented for quietness and have back ups in mind.
4)RAM. I want good stuff but do I need the listed stuff?




Video Card:

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822144417 (250g)
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822148105 (160g)

DVD Burner

DVD Combo

(this one would need a PSU)

Floppy Drive:


SATA2 cable:

DVI Cable:

Thermal Past:

N.Bridge Chipset Cooler:

LCD stand:

Possibly some other fans

I already have an LCD,mouse, keyboard I like and will use.

Any input is appreciated.

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You probably won't need that much RAM. 1gb would probably do alright. What will you be using this computer for instead of gaming? If you're just using it for internet, you could scale down everything a lot. If you're doing designing and watching movies, all that stuff looks good. Since you wanna run it quiet though, that video card will make your computer louder. The onboard graphics should get you by ok. Doesn't matter what DVD/floppy drive brand you go with, just as long as it does the job. You can normally figure out how big a hard drive you need, 250GB would be better though I think.

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Old 03-13-2006, 12:09 AM   #3 (permalink)
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The CPU is a great choice, and the motherboard isn't bad either.

With the RAM, I would go with the OCZ. It's better and cheaper than that Corsair.

Either hard drive is a good choice. I would go for the bigger one as its only a few bucks more.

The video card should be fine for low powered programs that aren't graphically intense.

DVD drives are fine

For the case, if you are decided on one of those, then I would go for the first one. It has a good solid PSU, with enough power for the system.

Floppy drives really aren't necessary, but if you must, the one with the card readers is the only way to go.

You really don't need the thermal paste, chipset cooler or the cables.

I would buy the OS from a "better" place, like newegg.
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lol ya i don't understand the sata2 cable..

cpu: good choice
ram: OCZ
video card: good choice.. silent. might be a bit too powerful for you..?
HDD: the bigger one is good value, the smaller one has NCQ (so i donno...)
dvd burner: not a big fan of that brand.. get Pioneer, Sony, or LG or w/e
dvd combo: huh? you mean just a regular dvd-rom right? for fast copying of dvds...
case: sonata2
floppy: i guess the one w/ the card reader..
OS: xp home should be enough for you...
cables: no idea
chipset cooler/thermal paste: not necessary.. but won't hurt.
LCD stand: only you know
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Default New build stuff

I forgat I had this thread going! Sometimes I get email notification sometimes not????

Thanks for the replies and input.

I have been slowly refining and am down to the PSU.
My other threads are:
"which HDD"
"Which Case"
"Ram 2x1g"
"Which PSU"

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