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Riceball 10-16-2005 01:52 AM

hey guys i was just wondering what's going on with my mobo. There isn't a problem with it but when i got it, there was this piece of paper that was talking about the mobo and on it said that the pci-E slot is best for ATI cards and it's strongly recommended to upgrade to an ATI card in the future. I'm not sure what this means because i'd like to get an nVIDIA card in the future and i hope it works okay. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

beedubaya 10-16-2005 02:07 AM

NVidia will work fact I would strongly recommend you picking up a GeForce 6600 GT or better yet a 6800 regular or 6800GT if you can afford it. It will kick the snot out of your X700 Pro. They just recommend ATI because it has an ATI chipset and is therefore sponsored by them. Kinda like Nvidia owns the NForce4 chipset, that doesn't mean an ATI card wont work with that mobo.

Nitestick 10-16-2005 04:55 AM

that pretty much sums it up.

Riceball 10-16-2005 10:14 AM

thanks, i really wanna shoot myself for paying $175 for that x700 pro.

PZEROFGH 10-16-2005 10:16 AM

you should, your lagging in cs LOL!

175??!:?! you could have got a 6800. aye people who make big mistakes.

Emachine :laughing:

Riceball 10-16-2005 10:20 AM

LOL hey, my emachine is rockin'. i've turned it into a sweet gaming rig, and btw, my video card is better than yours :D

PZEROFGH 10-16-2005 10:21 AM

O sure, download 3dmark03 COME ON! excuses excuses:rolleyes:

beedubaya 10-16-2005 11:04 AM


Originally posted by Riceball
thanks, i really wanna shoot myself for paying $175 for that x700 pro.
LOL the Radeon Xx00 series were the most overpriced cards in the history of hardware. I payed over $400 for my X800 Pro and this card barely outperforms the 6600 GT, which started at around $200 and you can get for about $140 now.

PZEROFGH 10-16-2005 11:05 AM

the X800(not sure of the X850 but lets include that anyways)X850 TOO! series was just a bunch of junk just to try to keep up with nvidia, but that didnt go so well

beedubaya 10-16-2005 11:08 AM

Absolutely, I kick myself every day for buying an X800 took a bad experience like this to realize why I was an Nvidia fan until everybody suggested I get an ATI.

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