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Default Why Newegg?

Why do so many people seem to think that Newegg is the best place for deals when it comes to computer parts?

I've done some price comparisons, and Newegg turns out to be far from the cheapest place for numerous hardware upgrade components and accessories.

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Default Re: Why Newegg?

=) stole this from a different website.

1) User Reviews and Ratings These come in very handy, sometimes a buyer will mention little quirks or issues they found in a product or something that wasnít right with it. Like Amazon, NewEgg knows that this information helps others decide what products are good and gives more insight about the product than any specification or advertising blurb can.

2) Gigantic Images of the Product from several angles and shots of what comes in the packaging I really hate when I click on a ďenlarge pictureĒ link on a site and the picture is only twenty five pixels bigger. Too often it only has one angle of the item that showcases the design rather than the functionality (let me see what kind of connections it has or doesnít have). Itís like if you went to the store and asked to see the item behind the glass shelf and the clerk said he canít open the shelf unless you pay for the item. TigerDirect just recently started to do this, and it requires multiple popups and clicks.

3) Good Category Breakdowns Itís not too hard to get lost in their massive list of items, but they have breadcrumbs to take you back if you get lost.

4) Great Search The search is very good at finding relevant items. They even implemented something like Google Suggestions that bring down possible matches while you type.

5) Lots of nitty gritty details on the items they sale The more information the better, especially when it comes to electronics. Yes I want to know if its USB 1.1 or 2.0, if it has a DVI port, the dimensionsÖ People want to know what they are buying online, since we canít actually hold the item or ask someone to open it for us.

6) Trustworthy While some have had a few problems with them, they are known for fast shipping, good refund record, customer support and they have an option to not store your credit card information on your account.

7) Prices This is a no brainer, but they deliver all the above and then have very good prices.

I always try to find the best deals on the web, whether they are on Newegg or not, but itís nice that they have made a web site that makes it easier to find what I need.

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Default Re: Why Newegg?

My biggest reason: they have generally low prices (there may be some that are lower, this is true), but when I've had to deal with Newegg's customer service, it was tremendous. They have some of the best customer service I've ever had to deal with.
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

Even if their prices are higher in some cases, I don't mind. Because generally they will have the lowest prices. But their customer support is Superior in every instance of the word. Plus, the user reviews make it very easy to decide what is good for you.

Price isn't always the reason to shop somewhere.... there are many greater determining factors in my case at least. I will give them my business as long as they keep giving me the service I have gotten for the past years from them.
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

Okay, their reviews are straight up dumb and useless. People review the item before they get it, or a day after...
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

^ or they complain about the lack of sandwich-making technology...

Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
Why do so many people seem to think that Newegg is the best place for deals when it comes to computer parts?
because "once you know, you newegg" .
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

NewEgg Rules
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

Agreed, their reviews are mostly useless. You can still find info you want to know about the product by reading through them, so they aren't a total loss, just mostly a loss.

And most of the time, they have the lowest prices or close to it. The customer service is quite eggcellent as well.
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

i myself usually buy componets when they go on sale.
lots of free shipping deals at newegg. i do admit Antec power supplies i find cheaper on sale at frys electronics and the store is local for me. i also buy from microcenter but the store is 45 minute drive. good prices on harddrives and cpu.
newegg has a big selection. i quit buying from tigerdirect because i get faster shipping from newegg since they are local for me.
you will find cheaper prices but watch out for the shipping & " HANDLING " charges.
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Default Re: Why Newegg?

now days when I shop customer service comes as number one priority
price number 2

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