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dvd sense you dont have to burn them to a disk or anthign

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yup. DVD is already in the format you want it!



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You can get a better desktop for less money, so unless you want to take it around with you all of the time, a desktop will be better. They are also a lot easier to work with/repair/upgrade. If you are feeling really brave you even build your own desktop. It isn't very hard seeing as I build on out of old parts before I knew anything about computers.
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I think you can't compare the 2, they're totally different. Like a bunch of people said, desktops are for performance, laptops are for portability. I personally have both because i use the laptop for college (whoever said you shake your head at kids with laptops), i have horrible hand writing which i cant do anything about, and i cannot read my own nots, my laptop also helps me organize my notes. Also i have chosen the laptop as my main internet/email machine (its an Apple) so this way I don't have to worry about viruses/spyware, and my desktop is a full out gaming/folding machine.

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It's like comparing a skyline and a land rover (if anyone here is a car fan). They're both amazingly good at their own thing, but in no way should you compare the two.
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My daughter is going into the Navy. While I could get her any computer I wanted, she's getting a lappy. Space onboard and aircraft carrier is limited, and she'll be moving around a lot. Being shuffled to and fro ain't good for a desktop.

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Originally posted by FghtinIrshNvrDi
performance - desktop

portable - smaller desktop

I'm partial to desktops. I really can't stand laptops at all. They're for business people. The computer market has pretended to invent lots of purposes for them that don't exist. For example: College students need a laptop so they can 'take notes in class.' This is the lamest thing I've ever heard. I'm in college, and shake my head at kids that bring computers to class.

Vote goes to Desktop

why woudlnt you bring your laptop to class?

1. you DO take notes with it. it's a hell of a lot easier typing out quick 4-5 sentences than it is writing it out. then, you don't get behind in the lecture for writing stuff down.

2. you can use YOUR computer while doing your assignments instead of the school computers, which, for th emost part...arn't all that fast and have MANY admin stuff disabled.

3. your work is on YOUR computer to start with. you don't have to go from school computer to jump to your computer.

4. if you are bored...you can do other stuff on the computer...maybe some work for another class.or........game *looks around*

5. you can take your laptop with you everywhere. you need to go and study...you have your laptop, and if you need to add/modify stuff, easy as highlighting and typin' in a few words...or...if your going away and want to work on it in the car/plane, it's all good.


i prefer desktops for the gamin' and it has more power.

but when it comes to word processing, appz for school such as VB, frontpage, etc....i don't find that big of a difference except for portability in the latop.
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when it comes to gaming, desktops are the way to go

i dont see SLI 7800GTXs in a laptop do you?

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