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Wow! The CyberPowerPC website does seem to be a whole lot cheaper as well as better and more options.

If I get together a setup list could y'all tell me if it looks good?

How woulkd this one do? Seems to get pretty good reviews.

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Default Re: What do y'all recommend in a new Dell computer for gaming?

^ You could drop the cost -$42 by switching the processor from a x4 925 to a x3 720 and still be pretty well off for gaming.

You could also drop the cost another -$83 by taking off Windows Vista and instead using the Windows 7 RC which is free until 2010. Just my 2 pennies.

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Default Re: What do y'all recommend in a new Dell computer for gaming?

Sounds good. Will the x4 925 perform any better than the x3 720? Is there any better ones?

I'm so sorry but I've got so many questions. Please answer what you can and I'll keep trying to research the rest. Thank you all so much.

Do you recommend any extra case fans?
What would be a safe power supply?
I have no idea what to do on the motherboard.
What's with all those RAM options?
What about a video card/cards? Should I go single or dual and which one(s)?
What is a DATA hard-drive for and what's an optical drive?
What should I choose for Network?
What should I choose for Modem?

I was fixin to spend $1,300 on a Dell so now that y'all have led me to CyberPowerPC I'll have a little extra to spend. I'm looking to buy top-of-the-line here for gaming but nothing I don't need i.e. I don't think I'll need a Portable USB drive. Thanks again.
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Default Re: What do y'all recommend in a new Dell computer for gaming?

well its four cores vs. three cores. four cores will give you somewhat better performance in some tasks that are cpu intensive, but for stuff like gaming, three cores will be good.

- you dont really need extra fans. a simple intake fan/exhaust fan setup should be enough.

- i looked at the options for psu's. you should go with the corsair 650watt, they are a quality brand and you don't want something to fry your pc because there wasent enough power. better to be safe i guess.

- for the mobo, the first two listed are the older 770 chipset and the rest below them are the 790 chipset. the only real diff i see is that the first two only let you use one gfx card, while the rest below can have dual cards so its up to you wether you want one or dual gfx cards.

- for the ram, just get the one that says "*(free upgrade from pc1333)". it should say 4gb (2x2gb) ddr3 1600mhz next to it.

- for the gfx cards, i mean, it really depends wether you think youll need that much "power". you could go with one high end card, or you can crossfire dual medium level cards, and get a bit more fps in a game than the one single. on the other hand, you can crossfire dual high end cards and get really high fps ingame.

- a data drive is just your storage drive(hard drive), where you install the OS and programs and store your pics, docs, vids, etc. the optical drive is where you insert the disc in, you should go with the one that says, "sony 20x dual layer dual format dvd+-R...", so you can burn cds and dvds, just a few bucks more.

- for network and modem, just leave the choices unchanged, your mobo will already come with an integrated ethernet port, which is what you are most likely using right now to get online, unless you are still on dial-up...

================================================== =======

but i have to say that, and i think it was already said, building your own isn't hard, and would end up getting better parts. for 1300, you could get an i7 build that would nicely outperform this amd quad build. and it would take like 3-4 days shipping + about 1-2 hrs tops to setup. plus there are guides here and online elsewhere to guide you. im just trying to help you out, cuz you could get alot more bang for your buck.

edit: jeez long post... sry (O.o teacher im done with my essay...)
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Default Re: What do y'all recommend in a new Dell computer for gaming?


I don't like to bug you, or moan. And i don't have the same expertise as some of the people around here, but i really do advise you to build your own. We can pretty much do it all for you as far as choosing the correct parts, and it's so easy these days it is actually hard to go wrong. 95percent of the cables only fit in the correct slot, so just try a few, the rest of them are pretty clearly labeled. ALL the components will only fit in one place, and they're so easy to fit as well - literally just push 'till it clicks. If a first time builder was carefull and checked in the manual occasionally, i would say you can build it in 30minutes to an hour - and once you've built a few, 10 to 20 minutes or so. People think they're alot more complicated to build than they are

Thanks, and good luck !

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