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Kingfrail 10-27-2008 06:11 PM

Video card-Not enough power?
I ordered a pre-made comp, had decent specs except for the video card which I plan on replacing, but I'm starting to stress a bit about that. It took a bit of googling, but all I could find about the PSU that comes with the comp it's a 450 watt PSU. My Video card is an 8800 GS, and it says that it should have at least 400/450 Watts ( I think )

Is this PSU going to cut it? If I did decide to put in the Video card, am I running any big risks of seriously damaging my card?

Edit: The only reason I ask is because I'm not sure how much power the rest of the computer consumes.

[t..o..m] 10-27-2008 06:20 PM

Re: Video card-Not enough power?
Could you tell us the type of PSU you have?

The video card you have selected should run fine on a 450 watt PSU, but other factors may come into play.. i.e. the amps on the 12volt rail is usually the most important factor.

If you could post you PSU name/details we could help you out some more

Kingfrail 10-27-2008 07:15 PM

Re: Video card-Not enough power?
Ah the thing is, I'm ordering it prebuilt online, and there dont seem to be any sites that provide much detail.

IBuyPower Gamer 505-WK - Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3 GHz : Read reviews and compare prices at Ciao

This is the computer I plan on buying, and all it says there is that it provides 420 Watts. I've tried looking around more on other sites, but they generally say the same thing, nothing about Amps on the 12V.

Peter.Cort 10-27-2008 07:23 PM

Re: Video card-Not enough power?
i would strongly recommend you don't buy that computer from ibuypower as they tend to give you meh components and the rig costs a lot of money. also if you can put in a video card you can put together your own computer.

also ncix can do assembly and you can pick out the parts.

but if you are going to get that ibuypower computer 100% then i would recommend upgrading the power supply regardless.

carnageX 10-27-2008 07:41 PM

Re: Video card-Not enough power?
Could also contact SurgeVel on these forums. He does computer building for people via his website, I know that. If you don't feel comfortable building your own that is (it's very easy to do btw).

Kingfrail 10-27-2008 07:54 PM

Re: Video card-Not enough power?
Aghh :( I worded my last post pretty bad. I've actually already ordered the computer.

I had tried building my own computer with help on here a while back, but it was basically a disaster. I got everything hooked up, I booted up, selected install from CD, then I realized I had forgotten to put my CD in, so I shut down and when I tried to reboot, it wouldn't turn back on. Fans whirred for half a second then nothing. I tried checking for help on here, but I was running out of time on my money back with Newegg, so I just shipped it back to be safe. They wouldn't accept my video card or processor for some reason, so I kept the Video card for a situation like now; if I could find a decent computer with a ****** Video card.

So now my best move would be to upgrade the PSU and stick in the video card? Or is that more of a precaution than a necessity?

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