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Default Veriton 5200 can it take (ECC) sdram?

I know this computer will take up to 3gb of ram but I'm trying to upgrade and there is no info on whether it will take ECC (Server sd-Ram). This is a Desktop Computer from Acer. p4 1.5 - 1.8 gb cpu desktop pc.

I've spent many hours trying to solve the riddle with out any help from Acer company info (specs). There info is either hidden or non-existent.

I've also looked at the chipset, it makes me think YES, but there are a few different intel chipsets that are 845, and because of the lack of info Acer give you I'm not 100% sure about the actual chipset it's a Intel845 chipset but I don't know which one?

If anyone out there could help it would be much appreciated.

Oh, the manual that came with it is useless, no real info.

I didn't purchase from Acer. I purchased it second hand for my kids for Christmas. It's just a case and motherboard without any other components at the moment. I've just purchased a 1.8 p4 cpu and am looking at ram now.

The motherboard doesn't have any info on it in regards to what motherboard it is?

Christmas is around the bend and I need help desperately

All help is appreciated in advance thank you.


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wow...i just had a freind buy a used 845 socket server hoping to hold him over till he could build a good gaming rig later, what a coincidence. All i know about it is it has a dual-core xeon and an agp slot. So look for a xeon for socket 845.

sry, thats all i know about this socket

CPU: e6600 @ 3.2ghz
RAM: 2GB G.Skill HZ PC6400
Mobo: ASUS P5B Deluxe
GPU: Sapphire HD4870
Soundcard: Creative Labs X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty
HDDs: 250GB WD + 750GB WD + 2x1TB WD
Monitor: Samsung 226BW
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 600W
Case: Cooler Master Stacker
OS: XP Professional SP3
Mouse/keyboard: Logitech MX518/Saitek Eclipse II
Speakers: Logitech Z-2300
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I'm talking about SD/RAM whether this computer with the chipset it has can handle a different type of sd ram which is called "ECC sd-ram".

( which is normally used by Server machines)

Xeon's are actually a socket 603 arent they, doesn't matter.

Sorry mate where talking about to different things here.

This is a "P4 1.8gb socket 478" - sdram up to 3 gb - agp 4x

Is it only non-ecc sdram I can use? - I dont know?

The only ram I can see around that isn't so expensive is "ecc sd ram" (Server Ram - used in Servers).

The computer I'm talking about isn't a Server machine - but can it use server ram - some Desktop Motherboards can.

But not all of them, some just weren't designed that way so I read Thanks for your help though - the computer your talking about sounds good - chuck a good agp card in and beef up the ram - hopefully it takes ddr not sd ram either way it'll be ECC ram.

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download everest to find what your mobo is:

once installed you can click report to get a full detailed list of parts and names etc. Or just go through the menus in the program think its computer them motherboard.
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That'll keep me going, I might even win, great m8.

I'll post again for out come.
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I just realised it's going to have to wait until the 9th or so, I got the cpu on ebay so it'll take a while to come, perhaps.

Thanks for that program I like it, it works well.

Can someone tell me if it's ok to have 2 ddr ram (512mb) but the latency is different (timing)- does this mean it'll run slower perhaps - possible area for speed gain with different ram?

Cause damage perhaps?

This is my computer I'm talking about now

That program you gave me - I tested my computer with it

2.66 D Celeron - 2 X 512mb Generic ddr.ram- 256mb Sapphire Radeon 9550 flashed to a 9600XT - 80 gb hdd Barracuda- 17"Mon.

I'm a budget beastie builder.

I thought I flashed it to a 9600 PRO lol but it's a 9600XT lol - are they good.

OH well it performs better than it used to.

Back to the DDR Ram I was asking about here is a look at both dimms -

I also saw that there actually running at different timming - with that program - I think my mb (MSI PX8 Neo-V ms-7043) although I don't like it much, it seems to have it all under control and it performs alright considering whats on it and the price.

So will this be problem or will this reduce the performance of my computer? ( The DDR Ram memory timming in my computer - it's not overclocked, not the kids one I'm building either)
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Originally posted by baronvongogo
download everest to find what your mobo is:
What a crack up, this computer on the outside says it's a veriton 5200 but it's actually a 7200 veriton lol.

Thanks to that program you gave me, put 1.8 celeron in it. The stupid m/b had an older style bracket for heatsink so I've forced it in and staped it over with some tie's.

Doesn't matter about the ram now, I've managed to find 512 = 3 sticks of pc133, found it in a couple of old p3 cases I have lying around.

PS - if you have an old 8X agp card that doesn't work, don't throw it away, try it in a m/b that only goes to 4X - I'm stoked just saved myself - $150 au or more. This agp card wouldn't work at 4 X in a modern 8X m/b but when I put it in this crappy sd p4 board it worked lol.

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