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Default value gaming?!

well this is my first post, looks like theres some good advice to be grappled at on these forums.....heres the story.

got £300 for b day, job and next birthday = £450

buying great gaming pc for £750, prob bout $1100 or summat.

i am using family pc downstairs, i want my own gamer upstairs, i have a bt voyager 105 adsl (CRAP!) and need broadband on both. i.e. wireless

heres what i thought.

Cpu = amd athlon dual core 2x 3800 = £205
Motherboard ATX,pci-e,4gb ram = £50
Ram = 2gb = £110
Graphics Card = x1600 pro 512mb = £105
Floppy Disc = 1.44mb = £7
DVD +/- Rw = £26
Hard Drive = 160gb = £50
Case = XION solaris Green Led = £31
PSU = 600W ebuyer extra value = £18
Mouse = raptor gaming = £15
Keyboard = Logitech delux = £7
Speakers = logitech s200 = £17
CRT = dell m783c = £46
Misc. = desk + wireless router + wireless adapter = £70

thats an ish price up

need help chosing motherboard, and advice as to if i should spend more than £50 on it as i think it deserves more with the stuff put into it. i already have my headset and mic, i also need advice on the wireless issue, router and adpter recommendations. and help /links would be usefull.

p.s. im 16 so dont moan if im asking too much and also do i need some paste or summat to attatch cpu and stop it overheating, oh yea on that note ill just get some case fans for cooling, although i think that case has 2 already, that shud be enuf, also im not too boffed about overclocking just yet.

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I think the MSI K8N Neo-4 is in your budget for a mother board. Change cpu to a 3200/3500+, and teh gfx to a 7600gt.

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are those really the prices in uk or are u just converting american dollars to pounds, cause if u are, ur way off. the prices in uk=the price in america, number wise not the value of the curreny, lets say somethign in america is $200=200 pounds, not everytime, but with new technology and stuff.
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don't go cheap on the power supply. remembering that the entire system depends on the power supply it is better to wait a little longer and get a decent one than it is to get a cheap one that kills your entire pc.
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okay thanx guys, yea im from england and i cant be bothered converting but the pounds do not equal dollars =) divide the prices by bout 0.6 to get dollars. i take onboard you advice when making my final decision on parts.

any more advice on routers and usb/pci adapters?
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nitestick was right, do NOT buy that psu i had it it lasts 1 month and as for routers and adapters i say just go down to best buy or circut city or whatever you have over there and grab a cheap one, unless you plan on using a lot of bandwidth it shouldent matter much, i dont use anything too expensive myself, but someone correct me if im wrong plz because i dont know too much about networking

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